Pet Sematary (2019) Blu-ray review

first_imgCredit: ParamountThere’s quite enough burying in this film, so I’ll not bother burying the lede. The original version of Pet Sematary is better. That probably won’t be said too often about all the new Stephen King remakes we get over the next few years. As we all know – apart from the odd masterpiece here and there – King’s work has been rather haphazardly adapted in the past, and so this is a great time to see all his famous stories getting the quality treatment they deserve. This remake has all the right ingredients for a terrific new version, but like the reanimated corpses in the film, it just didn’t come back the same.Directed by Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer, the plot doesn’t stray too far from the book or the ’89 film. Not to begin with anyway. Jason Clarke is Louis Creed, a doctor who has moved his young family from the big city out to rural Maine, where he has taken up a job at the university hospital. In the woods behind their new house, his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and daughter Ellie (Jeté Laurence) discover a Pet Sematary. Their folksy old neighbour Jud (John Lithgow) warns them that the woods are a dangerous place.When Ellie’s cat is killed in the busy road that runs in front of the Creed house, Jud tells Louis that he could spare his daughters pain by burying the cat deep in the woods, in a place far beyond the Pet Sematary. Louis does this, and the cat returns from the dead a day later, but he is no longer the same cat. Thanks for the advice Jud! One minute you’re telling us the woods are a dangerous place, and now thanks to you we’ve got a fucking zombie cat.If you’re familiar with the book, or with Mary Lambert’s original movie, you will know what comes next. The book is without a doubt the bleakest and most distressingly horrific yarn that Stephen King has ever spun. In the introduction to the paperback release he declares the novel to be the one where he finally went too far. I think that after two attempts we can safely say that it is just too hard to put that sort of darkness on screen. Lambert’s version embraced the absurd in order to leaven the pitch-black horror with humour. This version plays it straight. It doesn’t work.The second half of the film takes some generous liberties with the source material, but I see why the filmmakers made these choices. For those who haven’t seen the film, I won’t spoil it here, but the big change in this version certainly adds to the threat, but loses some of the truly disturbing horror in the process. The cast are excellent across the board, and Jason Clarke is terrific as Louis, haunted and maddened by the grief he suffers. In terms of production value and acting talent the film is a big step up from the ’89 film, but in every other way the original is far superior.Pet Sematary comes in at a pretty lean 101 minutes, but gives the impression that it was intended to be much longer. It appears to have been cut to pieces and then reassembled in a fairly careless way. It feels rushed, and a bit clumsy, and in order to make sense of some of the things that are happening, it relies on a pre-existing knowledge of either the book or the original film. Which in all honesty is a complete failure of storytelling. It’s a creepy film, there’s a few decent jump scares, and some really gruesome and grisly stuff in there too. But the whole thing lacks atmosphere and is largely forgettable.The main event on the Blu-ray disc is Beyond the Deadfall, an hour-long documentary covering the making of the film. There’s lots of in-depth behind the scenes material, interviews, and contributions from the main cast and crew. Most of the rest of the special features are just deleted scenes that have been repackaged in different ways.There’s the actual deleted and extended scenes. Then there’s the alternative ending for the final ten-minutes of the movie. This expands a bit further on what happens in the theatrical release, and needless to say, it is super dark. Night Terrors consists of three sequences of Louis, Rachel, and Ellie each having nightmares about the things in the woods. Finally there’s The Tale of Timmy Baterman, featuring John Lithgow hamming it up wonderfully as he tells this ghoulish story.Pet Sematary is available now to Download & Keep and on Blu-ray and DVD 12th August from Paramount Home Media Distribution.Cast: Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz, John Lithgow, Jeté Laurence Director: Kevin Kölsch & Dennis Widmyer Writer: Jeff Buhler Released By: Paramount Home Media Certificate: 15 Duration: 101 mins Release Date: 12th August 2019last_img read more

Arrow Video FrightFest 2019 interview: Luke Kaile opens up about taking Criminal Audition from stage to screen

first_imgCriminal Audition is part of the First Blood strand at this year’s Arrow Video FrightFest.The film, which started off life as a play in 2009, has had a long journey to the big screen and it’s almost time for it to be unleashed. Luke Kaile stars in the film and co-wrote the screenplay with director Samuel Gridley, based on his original stage show.I spoke to Luke about the long journey from stage to screen, discussed the hurdles and lessons along the way, and the difficulty of juggling multiple roles during the making of the film…Hi Luke. How are you today and where does this Q&A find you?We’ve just finished doing a private screening with a Q&A through the Visual Effects Society and I’m now sat at home energised from it and wanting to get more films made!Your film Criminal Audition is receiving its World Premiere at Arrow Video FrightFest. What’s it all about?In Criminal Audition we have an underworld organisation that seeks out “down on their luck” individuals who are willing to frame themselves for other people’s crimes in exchange for wealth and a new life when they serve the time.The film takes place over the course of one night in a soon-to-be demolished theatre, where we have our auditionees being tested by the organisation. How will they stand up to a police interrogation? Are they the right fit for the crime?However, this audition is going to go slightly different than the previous ones, as the client has turned up and she’s decided to…shake things up a tad.Credit: Muzzle the PigCriminal Audition started out life as a play back in 2009. What was behind the decision to expand it into a film?Back in 2009 I had just left University and was having the standard panic of being released into the big, wide world without any idea of how I could make those steps into film. One of the ways I went about it was writing for competitions as forced me to produce work, to generate ideas – even if they were terrible! Criminal Audition was one that won a competition to be performed as a short play. We had it performed and I expanded it into a feature length play when I saw it had potential to grow. I think after each performance I would chat with audience members after the show who would say how interesting the idea would be in film. I think that’s when I knew this would be the right script to put the effort into. Until then I had a reluctance to dedicate any time to feature film development, because you don’t want to go in with the wrong project as it’s such a huge undertaking!What really fascinated me was the play version was a farcical comedy, it was full of goofy humour and elaborate setups. What was so fun was to take the idea and give it a grounding in a real world, make the concept feel like it could be happening in abandoned theatres and warehouses around the city!What challenges did you face adapting the show for the big screen?We could be here a while! To try to be more succinct, we had to conquer the financial hindrances, the logistical minefields and demands on cast and crew. But without going into too much depth on those aspects, I think the overarching thing was maintaining the push to completion. I think it’s very easy for independent films to live in a perpetual state in any part of the process. Some films don’t even get past pre-production, some films lose their way during the shoot and some linger in post-production, unable to make that last leap. I think having such a small crew, it was having that pressure that if we didn’t action something, or chase something up every day, then we would never reach the finish line. It’s quite a challenge to maintain that, especially when the odds are heavily stacked to stop you, whether that’s a finance, logistics or creative issue. And as we’re all learning on a first feature, you have to know you’ll fail and find a way to pick yourself up again.As well as having co-written the screenplay, you star in the film and produce it too. How difficult was it to juggle all of those different roles?I think if we tried to make this all those years ago, we would’ve ended up with a pretty bad product. Despite being frustrated about not being able to shoot it in 2013, 2014 etc, it was a necessity. Sam and I gained so much education through having to accept that we could only produce short films or sketches for now. We also learned a lot through the failure we had in trying to get Criminal Audition made sooner.With that education in mind, we made sure there was clear delineations in roles. It happened a few times on set where an actor would approach me with a question purely because they saw me as the default, they knew it was my project from years back – but I would then signpost them to Sam, as he’s the director. Any idea I had, whether it be for my character or a producer suggestion, I ran through him – it was his set, his vision. I think I knew of other productions that had not defined those roles and enforced them as we did, and I think it just convolutes the message you’re giving out.I think in order to juggle everything, the first thing I had to do was accept this wasn’t my film, it was our film. You must relinquish that control, people are hired in roles because they’re great at that role, and you can’t spend your time micromanaging everything, it will 100% end up being a detriment to the film you’re trying to create. We hired two other fantastic producers in Nathaniel Francis and Luke Mordue, and we split our roles up and made sure each other was trusted with those elements of the production.The writing was the same. It’s taking the ego out of the equation and remembering that when Sam gave notes on a scene, he was trying to dig into how we can make it better, not attack my writing! And we really enjoyed that process together, I think we’re good at appreciating and listening to one another, and before you know it, your thoughts are aligned.Credit: Muzzle the PigCriminal Audition really has been a labour of love for you. How are you feeling now it’s about to be released into the world?A relief! But I don’t feel it’s complete or ever will be. That’s the thing with this project is with every hurdle you say, “if we can just get through this then we’re about there!”, but there’s always something else. We’re quite a small team so moving into the sales and marketing side of things is yet another challenge we must navigate and learn.As far as people’s reactions though it’s been great. I think from industry feedback and advanced reviews we’ve had so far, we’re surprising people (in a good way). Creating a film, especially with a group of other first-time feature film makers you have that feeling of imposter syndrome always in the back of your mind. This may sound strange, but seeing people react to it as a real film is just so pleasing, because even when we exported the final version of the film you still wonder if you’ll be taken seriously. We’ve had a few private screenings over the last few months and hearing people debate character actions and plot points is just so thrilling for me, people can love it or hate it but knowing that they have engaged with it makes it feel worth it.You’ve done a variety of acting work before but this is your first feature film lead role. What was the biggest lesson you learned as an actor while making Criminal Audition?It kind of aligns with the idea of imposter syndrome again. In any creative platform where you are working quite free and with no one giving you a monthly appraisal is you get that doubt. You must push that doubt away and make definitive choices. Working as a producer on Criminal Audition has given me that greater understanding of the “machine” behind the camera. Having that knowledge meant I could track what was expected from my character in that moment, or for that shot angle and so forth.This also includes sitting on the other side of the audition room. I think having actors come in and go through our scripts has made me appreciate the conversations and what should be required from producers, directors and casting agents, but also what should be required from actors.Have you started thinking about your next project yet, and if so what is it?Yes. Creating Criminal Audition was such a film school for ourselves and further to that we found that we were great friends. Not just Samuel and I, but also the producing team and crew around us. Samuel and I have written treatments and have a slate of roughly four films that we want to make which feel like natural progressions on Criminal Audition. We very much see this film as our calling card.Credit: Muzzle the PigWhat’s the one horror film you wish you’d written and starred in, and why?It’s an obvious one, but it’s obvious for a reason – it’s superb! I’m going to go with the first film that genuinely scared me (probably watched it far too young as well) – Alien.The claustrophobic setting. The creation of the alien and how it is used. The dinner scene. The economy of the script. That genuine terror on our character’s faces.Why should people check out Criminal Audition at Arrow Video FrightFest?To be surprised. To see something a little bit leftfield. Being truly independent has allowed Samuel and I to have a lot of fun and break from expected moulds in genre, characters, or even the film’s score (wonderfully composed by Asa Bennett and Al Anderson).It’ll be darkly funny, it’ll be strange, it’ll be violent and then suddenly it’ll be poignant. Just when you think you know the world we’ve created; we flip it.Criminal Audition will have its World Premiere at Arrow Video FrightFest 2019 on Saturday 24th August at 3.30pm on the Prince Charles Discovery One screen. For more information and tickets please visit Watch the trailer for Criminal Audition below:Criminal Audition (trailer) 00:00/02:30 LIVE00:00undefinedNext VideoCriminal Audition (teaser clip)02:16×Next VideoCriminal Audition (teaser clip)CancelAutoplay is pausedlast_img read more

The Cadillac Three set February release for new album Country Fuzz

first_imgThe Cadillac Three have announced the release of new album Country Fuzz via Big Machine Records on February 7th 2020.To mark the announcement, the band has released news tracks Long After Last Call and Back Home, which are available to download and stream now. Country Fuzz is the band’s fourth studio album.“We’ve spent the last two and a half years working on this album,” exclaims GRAMMY-nominated frontman Jaren Johnston, “but our sound even since high school has always been the epitome of Country Fuzz – Country, rock and just a little bit of funk.”The Cadillac Three were recently announced for C2C: Country to Country. They will perform on the Main Stage in London alongside Charles Esten and Erich Church, and they’ll also perform at C2C in Dublin, Glasgow, Amsterdam and Berlin.The full dates are:March 6th – Verti Music Hall, BerlinMarch 8th – AFAS Live, AmsterdamMarch 13th – O2 Arena, LondonMarch 14th – SSE Hydro Arena, GlasgowMarch 15th – 3 Arena, DublinThe track listing for Country Fuzz is:1. Bar Round Here2. The Jam3. Hard Out Here For A Country Boy (featuring Chris Jason and Travis Tritt)4. Slow Rollin’5. All The Makin’s Of A Saturday Night6. Crackin’ Cold Ones With The Boys7. Labels8. Raise Hell9. Back Home10. Dirt Road Nights11. Blue El Camino12. Jack Daniels’ Heart13. Why Ya Gotta Go Out Like That14. Heat15. Whiskey And Smoke16. Long After Last Calllast_img read more

Black Eyed Peas team up with Ozuna and J.Rey Soul for new single Mamacita

first_imgBlack Eyed Peas have teamed up with Ozuna and J.Rey Soul for new single Mamacita.The track is the follow-up to their huge hit Ritmo (Bad Boys For Life) featuring J. Balvin. Watch the video for the song below:The music video directed by Julien Christian Lutz aka Director X. In the clip, Black Eyed Peas and Ozuna are exclusively wearing all Gucci. Outfitted by the legendary brand and dripping in style, it’s yet another massive collaboration.Mamacita marks the Black Eyed Peas’ second single at their new label. It’s the latest collaboration for the band with J.Rey Soul who appeared on 2018’s Masters of the Sun Vol.1 and was featured guest vocalist appearances during the Black Eyed Peas 2019 European, Latin America and Pacific tour legs.Ritmo (Bad Boys For Life) featuring J. Balvin had had more than 1 billion total streams in less than six months. It’s the group’s most-listened to song on a streaming platform.last_img read more


first_imgUniversities are being urged to join the push to get more women into all of levels of science, Education Secretary Angela Constance said today.While meeting with leaders in the science engagement sector Ms Constance also announced plans for the recruitment of a new Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) for Scotland and members to the prestigious Scottish Science Advisory Council (SSAC).The Scottish Government will work with key stakeholders to review the CSA role to consider how to get the maximum value from this role and to make sure the post attracts a broad field of candidates.The science engagement sector – led by Scotland’s four Science Centres and numerous festivals – appears to have a better record in gender balance than other scientific areas and the Cabinet Secretary met those involved to see what lessons could be learned.Ms Constance said:“Scotland is a world leader in science and technology and our continued investment in support for STEM teaching, learning and skills development at school, college, university and beyond is paying off with increased Higher entrants and passes in these subjects. But we need to do more to counter the historic gender imbalance.“Women remain under-represented in much of the science, technology and engineering sector, but there is a key area that has made progress in achieving a better gender balance. Earlier today I met some of the inspirational women who are leading many of our science centres and science festivals to hear their views on how they have succeeded and what more we can all do to promote STEM as a potential area of study and work for girls and young women.“I have agreed that we will work together on an action plan to ensure more can be done on such a key issue. Such a plan will clearly benefit from their expertise and I am very grateful for their input.“Having women in senior, visible roles help to show girls and young women that choosing science can open up a range of career possibilities. That is why it is so important to appeal to a wide range of experts as scientific advisers to government.“I am writing to all university Principals and the Presidents of our learned societies to encourage them to work with us to ensure we recruit a new Chief Scientific Adviser that will deliver for Scotland. This critical role will reflect our commitment to drawing on the very best scientific advice and expertise.“We will also soon advertise for new members of our highest level group of independent science advisers – the SSAC. It has the potential to add real value in all policy areas connected to science, and the SSAC will also keep Ministers informed about new technologies and other scientific developments.“I am keen to see a diverse pool of potential candidates for the SSAC and the CSA post. If we are to continue to be a leading science nation we need to have all our talent contributing to public life. But we also need to make sure that we enable talented girls and young women to pursue their goals.” AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInAction to encourage gender balance at all levels as new science advisers sought.last_img read more

Castle Douglas Pupils Take on The Poopers

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInCastle Douglas Primary School has recently been plagued with dog fouling outside the school. Pupils, parents and teachers have been disgusted by the thoughtless few who fail to pick up after their dogs.A report was made to the Council’s Community Safety Team, which was asked to investigate how to improve the situation.The school and the Council have collaborated on a poster project to prick the conscience of those causing the problem.More than 190 pupils put colouring pens to paper to design a poster aimed at highlighting the problem their school faces.Headteacher David Tyeson said: “Pupils, parents and staff have raised dog fouling as a major issue on the Safer Route to School. Large deposits are often found at the school gates. The pupils, through the poster competition, are doing their bit to highlight this irresponsible behaviour.”Tesco Castle Douglas donated Easter eggs as prizes for competition winners and small chocolate eggs for everyone who took part.  The store’s Community Champion, Liz Hunter, said “ I’m always looking for local initiatives to get involved in. Tthe area around Castle Douglas Primary School has had many issues with dog fouling and it is something that blights the wider community.”At a prize ceremony held in the school, the entries were viewed and judges had the difficult job of choosing winners and runners-:Primary 1-2: 1st Isla Telfer P2A, 2nd Ruby Hope P2A, 3rd Riley Pflanz P1DPrimary 3-4: 1st Mia Donnelly P4, Abbie White P3/4, Lexi Watts P4Primary 5, 6 & 7: 1st Brooke Walker P6/7, 2nd Georgina Mae White P7, 3rd Kelly Malcolm P5.Dog fouling is by far the most frequent complaint received by the Council’s Community Safety Teams.The Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003 states that it is an offence to fail to clean up immediately and properly dispose of your dog’s waste after your dog has fouled in a public area without reasonable excuse.For info on penalty for dog fouling see: Archie Dryburgh, chairman of the DGFirst Management Committee, said:“Our Community Safety Officers continue to broadcast the message that dog fouling won’t be tolerated in our region. They do this through educational initiatives and rigorous enforcement of the environmental legislation. This is what our communities demand. To assist us, we ask that any members of the public who witness dog fouling contact their local Community Safety Team with as much information as possible to enable us to deal with offenders.”For info on how we tackle dog fouling, see: McColm, Senior Community Safety Officer, said: “The local Community Safety Team will deal with all offenders by issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice. The penalty for the offence of not immediately removing dog fouling increases from £40 to £80 on 1st April 2016. We’re determined to stamp out this antisocial behaviour by the minority of dog owners that seem not to care.”last_img read more

Marion Hall to premiere gospel sound in South Florida

first_imgMarion Hall, the former dancehall artist known as Lady Saw, will be making her Gospel premiere in South Florida next year. Organizers confirmed that she’s still headlining at One Love in the Park show slated for Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2016, in Lauderdale Lakes. This will be her first performance following her announced rebaptism into Christianity.Dancehall star Lady Saw was baptized last Monday at the Emmanuel Apostolic Church in Kingston, hours after attending late deejay J Capri’s funeral service.Lady Saw said she was spiritually moved to return to her faith following the recent and sudden death of young dancehall singjay.Hall announced on her Instagram account that she was also cancelling all her upcoming dancehall shows.last_img read more

Portia stepping down as leader of Jamaica’s People National Party

first_imgPortia stepping down as leader of Jamaica’s People National PartyJamaica’s first female prime minister; current Leader of the Opposition and leader of the People’s National Party Portia Simpson Miller has announced she will be stepping down as the party’s president. She made the announcement that she will not be seeking re-election as party president next September to members of the PNP’s National Executive Council meeting on Sunday. She told the members “I will leave you as party leader but I will always be with you.”Announcement of Simpson’s Miller has received favorable response from several supporters of the PNP, one of Jamaica’s oldest political parties formed by Jamaican National Hero Norman Washington Manley in 1938. Over the past 10 months, the PNP has lost a General Election, on February 25, and a Local Government Election, on November 28, under Simpson Miller’s leadership.Calls for her resignation have been circling since the general election but Simpson Miller was reelected as party leader at the party’s annual conference after those elections. The calls, including from the party’s youth arm, the Peoples National Party Youth Organization (PNPYO), grew louder after the PNP’s defeat in the Local Government elections.The Party will now focus on identifying a suitable successor to Simpson Miller, one who can galvanize maximum support from party members nationwide, make the party a formidable opposition party, and prepare it to retake the reign of government when the next general elections are called, which is constitutionally due in February 2020. However, several analysts believe with the ruling Jamaica Labor Party having a majority of only one seat in the Jamaican parliament, the leader of the JLP and Prime Minister Andrew Holness could call elections earlier to try and secure a larger majority.Meanwhile, the PNP also has a new general secretary. On Sunday, the party’s deputy secretary Julian Robinson, MP for the St. Andrew South East Constituency took over the position of general secretary from Paul Burke who had like his party president, fallen out of favor with a large group of PNP supporters.Robinson is one of the party members whose name has been touted as a possible successor to Simpson Miller as Party leader. Other names being suggested are former finance minister Dr. Peter Phillips, former national security minister Peter Bunting, former mining and energy minister Phillip Paulwell and former sports and culture minister Lisa Hanna.Addressing members of the PNP’s National Executive Council on Sunday, Robinson told them “Challenges clearly exist……But as we restore our noble institution to strength and power, we must do so conscious of our movement’s roots, our established principles and the strong foundation upon which we must continue to build.”Robinson also said that as a party, comrades must “situate our ideology within the context of our current realities, without compromising our core values.” He cautioned the members that “there is much, much work to be done” to return the party to retake the government of Jamaica.last_img read more

Beckham proceeding with plans to have MLS team in Miami

first_imgBeckham proceeding with plans to have MLS team in MiamiNews circulating last weekend that British soccer star, David Beckham plan to drop plans to bring a Major League Soccer team and build a stadium in South Florida was a rumor. The rumor also stated Beckham would take  the MLS franchise to Las Vegas being frustrated at attempts to secure a suitable stadium site in South Florida.However, Beckham’s South Florida investment group,  Miami Beckham United, told local media the British soccer icon is still making efforts to have the stadium located on a site in Overtown, Miami, while seeking additional investors for the project.The group, in a statement, said the investors are “100 percent committed to Miami,” and are making progress in their plans to have the stadium built in Overtown.According to reports, there is pressure on Beckham and his investment group to finalize their arrangements to launch the new MLS franchise in South Florida. The reports stated MLS Commissioner Don Garber has given a deadline to finalize the stadium deal in Miami, if not Beckham’s Miami franchise, which would be the 24th team in the MLS nationally, is in danger going to another team.Beckham has experienced several frustrating setbacks in securing a site for the soccer stadium in Miami since securing the MLS franchise in February, 2014. The group originally tried securing a site close to the Port of Miami, but met strong opposition from political and business leaders. Another attempt failed to locate the stadium  located adjacent to the Miami Marlins Park in Miami. Several months ago, the group settled on six acres of land it purchased in Overtown. The group has been in negotiations with Miami-Dade County to purchase an adjacent 3-acres to finalize the stadium site. With the estimated cost of the stadium being $150 million, the group has also been actively seeking new investors.West Kendall soccer coach Richard Donaldson, who with other local coaches are anxious for Beckham’s MLS team to commence playing in South Florida, expressed “sickening frustration at the ups and downs” in getting the stadium finalized. “Soccer is a promising, motivating sport for South Florida’s youth, male and female. The presence of a MLS team locally would be a great source of inspiration to the youth, helping them to improve their soccer skills. We really want this frustrating delay to end,” Donaldson said.last_img read more

Jamaican reggae artist, Buju Banton may be released a year earlier…

first_imgWe’re taking a look at some of the top stories that are making the news across your Caribbean-American community here in South Florida. Today is Friday, January 6th and for CNW90, I’m Jahlisa HarveyThe news today is brought to you by Grace Aloe, Aloe Vera Drink, Refreshingly Delicious.Here are today’s top stories:Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley said Wednesday that he expected “reason and common sense” to prevail as the Oilfield Workers Trade Union announced plans to stage a 90-day strike within the energy sector. The OWTU, which is seeking a 10 per cent wage hike for the workers, has rejected the company’s offer of a zero per cent hike over the period 2014 to 2017.Join The City of Miramar on Thursday, January 12, as they host a candlelight vigil in remembrance of the 7th anniversary of the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti and Hurricane Matthew. The event will include a free concert and everyone is encouraged to bring a monetary donation along with any other items you may want to donate such as rubbing alcohol, antibiotic ointment and baby formula. The event will be held at the Miramar Regional Park from 6pm-9pm.Jamaican reggae artist, Buju Banton may be released a year earlier than his 10-year mandatory sentence. The Federal Bureau of Prisons’ website is reporting the artist’s new release date from the McRae Correctional Facility is December 8, 2018.In Sports:In the Scotiabank CFU Men’s Caribbean Cup 5th Place Playoff match, suriname beat Trinidad and Tobago 2-1 at the Ato Boldon Stadium on Wednesday night and will kick off against Haiti this evening at 6 p.m. Sunday will have Haiti versus Trinidad and Tobago at 5 p.m. The winner of the playoff will face the winner from the Central America 5th Place Playoff, to vie for a spot in the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup.Now, here’s what’s trending:New York Times has designated Kingston, Jamaica as one of the top 52 Best Places to Go in 2017 naming Kingston as number 24.For TODAYS weather forecast:Partly cloudy in Broward County with a high of 83 and a low of 71. Partly cloudy in Miami-Dade, with a high of 83 and a low of 73.For more information on these and other stories, visit us online atCaribbean national’s news is brought to you by Grace Aloe. Aloe Vera drink, Refreshingly Delicious.”This has been CNW90, I’m Jahlisa Harveylast_img read more