In the first nine months of this year, Valamar Riviera achieved revenue growth of 19 percent

first_imgValamar Riviera dd from Poreč, the leading tourism company in Croatia, in the first nine months of 2016 generated total operating revenues of HRK 1.487 million, which is an increase of 19 percent compared to the same period last year. In the first nine months of 2016, consolidated operating profit (EBITDA) grew by 18 percent.Strong revenue growth is the result of sales revenue growth of HRK 1.382 million through 4,93 million overnight stays, an increase of 8 percent, and an increase in the average price of over 5 percent, while non-board consumption increased by 27 percent compared to the same period last year. Revenue growth is the result of good results in the pre- and post-season through the successful implementation of major events in Dubrovnik and Porec, excellent business of hotels, resorts and camps of higher categories throughout the period, development of value-added services and destination products and acquisition of Hotels Baska ddSignificant added value for shareholders was realized, which is also reflected in the growth of market capitalization of 43 percent in the first nine months of this year. “The business results achieved in the first nine months of this year confirm the success of Valamar Riviera’s growth and development strategy, which is based on continuous investments in portfolios, employees and destinations with the aim of creating added value for shareholders and other stakeholders. Last year’s acquisition of Baška showed excellent results in improving business on the island of Krk, so we believe that Valamar’s presence on Rab will contribute to the further growth of the company and the development of tourism in this leading Croatian tourist destination. We are currently focused on the preparation of the business year 2017, during which Valamar will invest more than HRK 750 million in raising the quality of the portfolio and in the development of human resources, which are key to the continued growth of the company’s value.”, Pointed out Željko Kukurin, President of the Management Board of Valamar Riviera.Photo: FB ValamarIn 2016, Valamar Riviera expects to generate between HRK 1.460 and 1.475 million in operating revenues, ie an increase of 12,8 to 14 percent compared to last year. Revenue growth will be accompanied by strong growth in consolidated operating profit (EBITDA), which will reach between HRK 500 and 515 million annually, which is an increase of HRK 77 to 92 million or up to 22 percent compared to 2015. The announced investment cycle in 2017 represents the company’s largest investment in portfolio development in one year, and a large part relates to projects in Rabac – Family life Bellevue Resort 4 * and Girandella Resort 4 * and continued investment in premium camping.last_img read more

Attachment anxiety heightens aversion toward pattern deviancy, according to new psychology research

first_imgShare on Facebook Email Anxieties about one’s close relationships are associated with aversion towards pattern deviancy, according to new research published in the European Journal of Social Psychology.“I’ve always been fascinated with objects, experiences, and situations that are irregular, abnormal, and break the pattern of what we are used to. I’ve consistently found that people tend to feel negatively about such ‘deviant’ stimuli. The obvious next question was to ask where these negative attitudes towards deviancy come from,” explained study author Anton Gollwitzer, a PhD Candidate at Yale University.Two initial surveys of 239 participants found a link between attachment anxiety and aversion toward pattern deviancy. People who agreed with statements such as “My desire to be very close sometimes scares people away” and “I often worry that my partner doesn’t really love me” tended to also say that broken patterns of geometric shapes made them feel uncomfortable, anxious, or annoyed. Pinterest LinkedIncenter_img Share on Twitter The researchers then conducted an experiment with another 333 individuals, which found that participants who were asked to recall a relationship where they felt anxiously attached tended to have heightened aversion towards broken geometric patterns compared to participants who were asked to recall a relationship where they felt comfortable and secure.A second experiment with 501 participants replicated the findings with a different measure of pattern deviancy aversion. Instead of being asked to evaluate patterns of geometric shapes, the participants were simply asked how they felt “about things that break a pattern, are out of line, and are disordered.”“Anxiety in terms of our social relationships can have a far-reaching impact on our lives, including nonsocial outcomes. Although we tend to think of our social and nonsocial attitudes as independent, our social experiences can actually alter the way we more generally approach objects, experiences, and situations,” Gollwitzer told PsyPost.Future research could address why the association between attachment anxiety and aversion toward pattern deviancy exists.“Is the link between anxious attachment and disliking broken patterns functional in some way? For instance, do unstable social relationships serve as a signal for dangerous irregularities in the environment? If true, then anxious attachment may heighten people’s dislike of broken patterns to help them avoid these harmful irregularities,” Gollwitzer said.The study, “Anxious Attachment as an Antecedent of People’s Aversion Towards Pattern Deviancy“, was authored by Anton Gollwitzer and Margaret S. Clark. Sharelast_img read more

Savanne Paille thief ‘goes shopping’

first_img Share Share 26 Views   no discussions Tweet Sharing is caring!center_img Elijah Tonge, 30, of Savanne Paille was sentenced to four years “hard labour” by Magistrate Bernard Pacquette on Friday after he pleaded guilty to four charges of theft and a malicious damage charge.Tonge, who broke into two schools and a church in Savanne Paille and Portsmouth, said at a Roseau Magistrate’s Court that he was sorry.His ‘shopping spree’ began on August 20 and 21 when he broke into the Savanne Paille primary school and stole electronics worth $6,300.00 including two cell phones, a laptop and an internet modem. He was also charged with maliciously damaging the school’s window.Then on 13th September he broke into the Portsmouth Pentecostal Church and stole a $1, 869.00 Lenovo laptop and a $2, 002.50 Gateway laptop.The experienced thief, as the magistrate referred to him, quickly moved on to steal items from the St John’s Academy at Portsmouth.There he stole items which are used for the school’s fund raising activities and to provide meals to the students on September 13 and 15. He stole box drinks, cushions and other food items.These items have been estimated at a total of $1, 744.50, which brings the grand total of his heists to $11, 916.00.He told the court he was introduced to cocaine at eight years old by his mother and he soon became addicted.Tonge, who said he no longer lives in Savanne Paille but in an abandoned Portsmouth house, finds it difficult to stay away from cocaine.However Magistrate Pacquette informed him that when he is in prison he is off cocaine asking why he cannot remain clean when he is free.“I know I have the strength but the guide I need to stay away from it I don’t have,” he responded.Tonge, who has had previous convictions for theft, was sentenced to one year imprisonment for each break in. Magistrate Pacquette did not impose a separate penalty for the malicious damage charge.Dominica Vibes News LocalNews Savanne Paille thief ‘goes shopping’ by: – September 20, 2013 Sharelast_img read more

Virgin Galactic Sukses Terbangkan (Kembali) Pesawat Bertenaga Roketnya ke Antariksa

first_imgSumber: Virgin Group melalui anak perusahaannya,Virgin Galactic kembali memberikan gebrakan di sektor aviasi global. Diketahui, perusahaan besutan Sir Richard Brenson ini baru saja meluncurkan VSS Unity, pesawat ruang angkasa bertipe subordital yang dirancang untuk pariwisata antariksa. Dengan bantuan dari pesawat WhiteKnightTwo, VSS Unity ini ‘ditembakkan’ dari Gurun Mojave, California pada Jumat (6/4/2018) pagi.Baca Juga: Virgin Galatic Uji Coba Pesawat Luar Angkasa KomersialSebagaimana yang diwartakan dari sejumlah sumber, pesawat ini mengudara bersama dengan pilot uji Mark “Forger” Stucky dan Dave Mackay pada pukul 08.02 waktu setempat. Sang pesawat induk, WhiteKnightTwo, membawa VSS Unity hingga ketinggian 46.500 kaki (14.175 meter) di atas permukaan tanah sebelum akhirnnya melepaskan pesawat yang diketahui pernah mengalami insiden masif pada 31 Oktober 2014 silam. Ketika sudah mencapai ketinggian tersebut, VSS Unity yang memiliki panjang 18 meter ini berhasil mengarungi angkasa dengan kecepatan 2.290 km per jam (Mach 1.87) dalam 30 detik setelah menyalakan mesinnya. Tidak tanggung-tanggung, VSS Unity pun berhasil menanjak hingga sudut 80 derajat.Sumber: newatlas.comUji coba penerbangan tersebut pun bisa dibilang mulus dan tidak menemukan kendala yang berarti. Hingga akhirnya VSS Unity bersama dua pilot yang mengendalikannya berhasil menembus ketinggian 84.271 kaki (25.700 meter) di atas permukaan tanah, sebelum akhirnya sang pilot memutuskan untuk mengaktifkan “Feather” system yang akan memudahkan mereka kembali menuju permukaan bumi.Twin tail dari pesawat ini pun berganti arah 60 derajat dari badan pesawat, dimana hal tersebut akan membuat hidung pesawat yang semula menghadap ke udara berbalik arah dan menukik menuju bumi. Cara kerja dari “Feather’ system ini bisa dibilang hampir mirip dengan sebuah shuttlecock yang biasa digunakan dalam permainan bulutangkis.Setelah menukik turun sejauh 50.000 (15.240 meter) menuju permukaan bumi, twin tail VSS Unity pun kembali ke posisi semula dan membuang sisa oksidator saat meluncur kembali menuju runway di Gurun Mojave, California. Uji coba penerbangan ini pun sukses dan menghasilkan data tentang kinerja pesawat selama pembakaran mesin serta selama transisi dari kecepatan subsonik ke supersonik.Baca Juga: Yuk Intip Aktivitas Awak Kabin Virgin Atlantic“Kami menggabungkan mekanisme keamanan tambahan yang diadopsi setelah kecelakaan penerbangan uji VSS Enterprise pada tahun 2014 silam,” tuang Virgin Galactic dalam keterangan tertulisnya.Tentu saja, uji coba penerbangan pesawat bertenaga roket ini menjadi tonggak penting bagi perusahaan. Jika dalam beberapa uji coba lanjutan di masa yang akan datang, Virgin Galactic tidak menemukan masalah, maka bukan tidak mungkin dalam waktu dekat ini mereka akan mulai menjajakan tiket perjalanan wisata menuju ruang angkasa.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedVirgin Galatic Uji Coba Pesawat Luar Angkasa Komersial09/05/2017In “Featured”Untuk Pertama Kali, SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity Meluncur ke Ruang Angkasa dengan Awak26/02/2019In “Destinasi Udara”Gunakan Boeing 747-400, Virgin Group Siap Luncurkan Satelit Menuju Orbit08/11/2018In “Featured”last_img read more