Consuming violent media linked to 13x surge in violent dreams

first_imgPinterest LinkedIn The violent and sexual media you consume during the day may infiltrate your dreams at night, new research suggests.People who reported consuming violent media within 90 minutes of bedtime were 13 times more likely to have a violent dream that night, the study found. Those viewing sexual media were six times more likely to have a sex-related dream.The study of more than 1,000 Turkish residents also found that the more violent media content they reported consuming on a regular basis, the more often they said they had violent dreams in general. Share Share on Facebookcenter_img Share on Twitter Email The same link was found between sexual media content and sexual dreams, although the connection wasn’t as strong.“The media we consume can have an impact on us even when we’re sleeping,” said Brad Bushman, co-author of the study and professor of communication and psychology at The Ohio State University.“We knew our violent and sexual media consumption had an impact on our waking lives. Now we have evidence of how it may influence our dreams.”The study is published online in the journal Dreaming. Bushman conducted the study with Jan Van den Bulck, a professor of communication studies at the University of Michigan; and Yakup Çetin of Fatih University and Ömer Terzi of Yildiz Technical University, both in Turkey.The study involved 1,287 people aged 10 to 60 who completed a survey about their media consumption and their dreams. About half the sample were students at schools in Istanbul. The remainder were adults recruited from social networking sites that discussed media.All participants were asked whether they had viewed any violent or sexual media content within 90 minutes of going to bed the night before the study, and whether they had any violent or sexual dreams that night.Slightly less than half of participants (45 percent) reported consuming violent media before bed that night, whereas slightly less than one-quarter reported exposure to sexual media content.Whether they had consumed violent or sexual media content was not associated with whether they dreamed that night, findings showed.But the fact that violent and sexual media use was related to a huge increase in related dreams showed the power media may have on our sleeping lives, Bushman said.“The magnitude of the increase in violent and sexual dreams linked to media consumption was surprising,” he said.The study also aimed to examine how overall media use was linked to dream content.Participants were asked the number of hours they spent consuming media (including TV, internet, DVDs, movies, video games and music) on any devices on weekdays and on weekends.Next, they were asked to rate whether the media they consumed contained violence and whether it contained sex on a scale of 1 (never) to 5 (always).They were then asked whether they dreamed and whether their dreams included violent content and sexual content. Again, they rated how often on a scale of 1 to 5.Overall, 67 percent of participants said they dreamed at least sometimes.More than 80 percent of participants said they were exposed to violent media content at least sometimes, whereas about half said they were exposed to sexual media content at least sometimes.About 80 percent of those surveyed said they had violent dreams sometimes, whereas slightly less than half said they had sexual dreams sometimes.The researchers found that overall media use was a significant predictor of more frequent dreaming, as was the frequency of exposure to violent media.So who had the most frequent violent dreams overall? Results showed that exposure to violent media was the stronger predictor, although people who reported more overall media exposure and more sexual media exposure also reported somewhat more violent dreams.As for sexual dreams, those who reported the most also tended to have consumed more sexual media. But the link between sexual media and sexual dreams wasn’t as strong as that between violent media and violent dreams.“Whether we looked at overall media use or media intake for just one day, the result was the same: The media we consume is linked to what we dream about,” Van den Bulck said.The results can’t reveal the direction of causality between dreams and media use, Bushman noted.“It is at least possible that people who have more violent or more sexual dreams are more likely to seek out that content during the day. Another possibility is that causality may go both ways, or that some other factor is related to both media consumption and dream content.“But I do believe that the most plausible explanation is that the media we consume influences our dreams,” Bushman said.Çetin said the results may be at least somewhat different for people in other countries, noting previous research has shown that media use and dream associations differ for people of varied cultural background.The results suggest one obvious recommendation for those who are troubled by their violent or sexual dreams, according to Bushman.“It would be good to avoid media with violent and sexual content, especially right before bed.”last_img read more

Lewiinski’s bid for the Olympics

first_img1st Kristy Knight (18) 38pts2nd Peter Henshaw (16) 37pts3rd Kathy Doody (19) 37ptsNear Pins:  No 4 Ian Halfpenny, No 9 Reg McKay, No 12 Liam McGuinness, No16 Claude Harder.Pierre Bietry in action at this year’s Bangkok Marathon.Yes golf is soon to be an Olympic sport, but today’s headline for once isn’t about golf.  It’s about two much more physically demanding sports in running and swimming, as two of our regular players took time off the links to test themselves physically rather than mentally!Over the past weeks Pierre ‘The Magician’ Bietry has been in training for the Bangkok Marathon, whilst ‘The Principal” Jez Lees has been swimming hard in preparation for the Annual Pattaya Cross Bay Swim.Up in Bangkok, Pierre started at three o’clock in the morning outside the Royal Palace, and made it back in 4 hours 20 minutes.  Apparently Pierre started off at a leisurely 4.5km an hour but upped it to a very respectable 10 when he realized he had left partner Yui in charge of his wallet.Meanwhile here in Pattaya, Jez was competing in his second Cross Bay Swim.  A large contingent of golfing buddies turned out to wave him off from the Bali Hi Rescue Centre as he set out for the Dusit Resort 3.5km away.  Precisely 1 hour 6 minutes and 23 seconds later they welcomed him home in a very impressive 4th place.Jez Lees all set for the Pattaya Cross Bay Swim.Many thanks to all those who supported and donated to the worthy causes, and very well done to Pierre and Jez.  It seems someone who will for now remain nameless quipped that having now seen Jez play golf and swim, he should definitely stick to the latter.Talking of golf; no one knows when he will strike, but the jovial Colm Mullen never keeps ‘em waiting long.  The Irishman’s 39 points was the best on the day and it had to be that good to edge last week’s title boy Claude Harder who has taken a likening to the headlines, and fellow Irishman Terry, who were tied a shot adrift.  Terry’s card indicates he is about ready to blow his own whistle.  The Offaly gang leader Kevin was hovering close by.B Flight had the same number of Irishmen on the podium; Christy Good Knight taking the laurels with a splendid 38 points.  Peter ‘Don O Corleone’ Henshaw, Kathy Doody and Sim Davis were all locked on 37 points and they finished in that order on the resulting count-back.  Bad luck Sim!It was nice to see that quality golfer Andy Leach back in town again.Art O’Conner, Maurice Copan and Christy Knight split the ‘2’s pot.Monday, Nov. 22, Treasure Hills – StablefordA  Flight1st Terry Mangan (12) 35pts2nd Mike Nagle (13) 34pts3rd Ed Wyckoff (10) 34ptsB Flight1st Joe ‘Tynan (30) 38pts2nd Eddy Beilby (17) 35pts3rd Peter Henshaw (16) 33ptsWhat a difference a course makes!  And some distance (6,726 yds) and some dryness.  These same guys and girls and their same sacks of clubs took on the diabolical design of Yoshikazu Kato, who also laid out the Canyon course at one of Thailand’s most fabled courses, Blue Canyon.I should stop the article right there and leave the winners to their anonymity but we never do that.  Actually the player of the day and winner of B flight Joe ‘Sat nav’ Tynan was the only player to better his handicap – thus the odd murmurs of “sandbagger” at the presentation.  Seriously, Joe proved to be a most popular winner.  Eddy ‘The Eagle’ put in a fine 35 point haul for the silver and the ubiquitous Peter ‘Don Corleone’ was left to round out the flight.Ha!  I told you he was ready to pounce – Irelands’ Terry Mangan did all that was required to win the senior flight firing a steady 35 points.  Mike Nagle and Ed ‘The Right Honorable’ Wyckoff’ faced off in a count-back as both were a shot short; the count back victim was EdTen ‘2’s were recorded and each recipient won about as much as the cost of this week’s edition of the Mail.Wednesday, Nov. 24, St. Andrews – StablefordA Flight1st Seamus Cotter (11) 38pts2nd Steve Mascari (1) 37pts3rd John Bahng (11) 36ptsB Flight1st Pat Reagan (12) 41pts2nd Mike Nagle (13) 38pts3rd Tore Eliassen (14) 36ptsC Flight1st Eddy Beilby (17) 41pts2nd John Bresnchan (18) 39pts3rd Gerry Mernagh (17) 37ptsD Flight1st Jim Elphick (24) 38pts2nd Tim DeGrote (26) 37pts3rd Jim Bell (21) 3 ptsA large field enjoyed the special rates opportunity to play St Andrews and the always well conditioned course yielded a host of fine scores.Former owner of Lewiinski’s, and always a welcome addition, Steve Mascari made a rare appearance and showed he is still a leader of Pattaya’s best golfers with a super 37 points of his 1 handicap.  Seamus ‘the captain’ Cotter stopped it being a winning return though by bettering Steve by a single shot.  Last week’s headline boy John Bahng filled the flight with an even par round.The young man from Co. Dublin Pat Reagan took the laurels in B Flight and co-man of the match with a splendid 41 points.  Mike Nagle gained the silver with38 points leaving Tore Eliassen to fill the flight.Eddy the eagle took control of C Flight with a co-man of the match performance 41 points while John Bresnchan posted a very creditable 39 points for the silver.  Gerry Mernagh emerged from a three-way count-back over Peter Hedenburgh and Brian Carroll to round out the flightJim Elphick took the top spot in D Flight on 38 points and Tim DeGrote was a shot back for silver.  Jim ‘Houdini’ Bell and Bill Peach contested the bronze in a count-back, the scales tipping in Jims favour.David Hamilton, Colin Davis, Gavin Knox, Gerry Mernagh and Salim AlHarthy shared the ‘2’s pot.Friday, Nov. 26, Crystal Bay – StablefordA Flight1st Ed Wyckoff (10) 40pts2nd Andy Leach (5) 37pts3rd Jean-Pierre Gasser (7) 35ptsB Flight1st Lindsay Semple (12) 40pts2nd Gavin Knox (12) 37pts3rd Yui Bietry912) 36ptsC Flight1st Eddy Beilby (17) 37pts2nd Lou Szigligeti (20) 34pts3rd Jum Karagit (15) 34ptsFriday’s fixture saw the society venture to the well maintained Crystal Bay.The premier flight was led by Ed ‘The Right Honorable’ Wyckoff with an impressive 40 points and he was chased home by Andy leach who showed no symptoms of  jet lag for second.  Jean Pierre Grasser took third after a three-way tie that included Seamus ‘Captain’ Cotter and Peter Lenoury.Australian Lindsay Semple was co-man of the match and B Flight winner as he matched Ed’s card.  He was followed home by Scotland’s Gavin Knox and the girl on form Yui Bietry.The junior flight belonged to Eddy ‘the Eagle’ Beilby who made it a third visit this week to the pay window.  Aussie Lou ‘Zig Zag’ was second and the flight was completed by Jum Karagit who got the verdict in a count-back over the unlucky Paula Pederson.The story to this flight however belonged to Tim Degrout who arrived late at the course and started his round on the third hole after missing the first two.  He was only a shot away from making the podium at the end.Thierry Petremont, Takeshi Hakozaki San and Yui Bietry split the ‘2’s pot and Yui was two inches from an ace.Note: Lewiinski’s is situated on Pattaya Land Soi 1, Beach Road Soi 13/3 near to Walking Street.  Anyone wishing to play with us just pop in and add your name to the list or call Colin on 089 826 0764.  Transport is provided. PSC golf from Lewiinski’sSunday, Nov. 21, Green Valley – StablefordA Flight1st Colm Mullen (15) 39pts2nd Claude Harder (11) 38pts3rd Terry Mangan (12) 38ptsB Flightlast_img read more