Los Alamos Police Cmdr. Oliver Morris Shares FBI National Academy Experience With Rotary Members

first_imgHe also completed the “yellow brick road”, a 6.1-mile grueling run through a hilly, wooded trail built by the Marines. Along the way, the participants must climb over walls, run through creeks, jump through simulated windows, scale rock faces with ropes, crawl under barbed wire in muddy water, maneuver across a cargo net and much more. He explained that his participation in the academy resulted from a commission in 1935 that reported a need for a national standard for police officers. A career in law enforcement was always something Morris said he aspired to do. He credited this aspiration to a deputy sheriff from his hometown. He  explained as a young kid growing up in a small farming  community in California his family didn’t have a lot of money but his mother worked to buy him a bike. By KIRSTEN LASKEYLos Alamos Daily Post kirsten@ladailypost.com “That really stuck with me on being a police officer … I always like to share the story because it was somebody who impacted my life to want to be a police officer,” Morris said. “I think being a police officer is the best job.” During the academy, Morris traveled to New York City and visited the New York Police Department (NYPD) Police One Plaza headquarters. The academy evolved to become a global network. In fact, Morris said he met law enforcement officials from Cambodia, Kenya, Thailand, Denmark, Uganda and other countries. To sum it up, Morris, who also is a Rotarian, said, “It was a good experience.” “What was interesting was even though we might not have been well off this particular family was even less well off than us,” Morris said “I think he just had a really big heart for that family and he didn’t charge the kid, he just made it a learning experience. It was a big learning experience for me to ride over there with him and face that head on.” His class also raised $21,000 in a single night, which was donated to a cops program and the Special Olympics. Los Alamos Police Cmdr. Oliver Morris discusses his experience at the FBI National Academy. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/ladailypost.com Los Alamos Police Cmdr. Oliver Morris discusses his experience at the FBI National Academy during a talk Tuesday at the Rotary Club of Los Alamos meeting at Cottonwood on the Greens. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/ladailypost.com center_img “We just saw a need to have more of a net of law enforcement,” Morris said. The work, it seems, was worth it. “I’m so blessed to have this experience. I couldn’t have done without (my family),” Morris said. He added that one night those attending the academy cooked meals from their home countries. It was an opportunity, Morris said, to introduce peers to their cultures. However, his bike was stolen, which devastated him, Morris said. But, the deputy sheriff was able to track down the bike and drove Morris to the kid’s house to retrieve it. After finding them, the deputy sheriff took the kids to his own home, his wife fed and bathed them and the two children were given to child protection services the following day. To get into the academy, Morris said he applied a few years ago and was nominated to attend the academy by a FBI agent from the Albuquerque office. The application process was lengthy; Morris said his entire background was looked at. Later, Morris said he was on another ride with the deputy sheriff when a fellow deputy found a truck and a woman on methamphetamines who had abandoned her young children in that truck for more than two days. Morris said the toddlers hadn’t eaten and if it wasn’t for the deputy patrolling the highway they wouldn’t have been found. For 10 weeks Los Alamos Police Cmdr. Oliver Morris attended the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Va., and on Tuesday shared his experiences with the Rotary Club of Los Alamos. During the 10-week program, Morris took several courses, which touched on a variety of topics including body cameras, rapid DNA, emotional intelligence, wellness and vitality and communication and media relations.last_img read more

Crafty Clothing

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Air Products announce European Price Hike

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Level 2 to be installed on Nürnberg – München corridor

first_imgA decision to fit ETCS Level 2 on DB’s main line between two major cities in south Germany means that three separate signalling and train control systems will operate in parallel on one route,DEUTSCHE Bahn has called tenders for supply and installation of ETCS Level 2 on its 171 km corridor between Nürnberg and München. Bids for the €35m project close in early July, and completion is planned by the end of 2009. Between Ingolstadt and München the route consists of tracks upgraded for trains to run at 200 km/h, but over the 89 km north of Ingolstadt a 300 km/h Neubaustrecke was opened in May 2006. The entire route is fitted with DB’s LZB inductive train control system which is mandatory for trains operating at speeds over 160 km/h.Despite this, DB is to equip the route with ETCS Level 2. Asked to explain, DB says that the route forms part of the Stockholm – Verona corridor designated by the EU in the ETCS migration strategy. As funding from the EU is conditional on the route meeting the requirements of the latest TSIs, the line has to be fitted with Level 2. There have been suggestions that the Federal Railway Office instructed DB to install Level 2 on the route, but EBA says this is not the case and that the requirement was part of an agreement with the European Commission.DB says the ETCS equipment will operate in parallel with the existing LZB – the two systems will remain separate, and trains running at 200 km/h or more will use one or the other system depending on the onboard equipment with which they are fitted.As the upgraded line between Ingolstadt and München is also used by trains running at less than 160 km/h, conventional lineside signals and associated train protection equipment will remain in place. This means that three separate signalling and train control systems will be operational on the same line.Asked what advantages Level 2 offers over LZB, DB points out that it is standard European equipment which will allow trains not fitted to operate with DB’s own signalling to use the line. In terms of safety and capacity, LZB and ETCS Level 2 are comparable, DB notes.DB has yet to decide how many vehicles will need to be fitted with ETCS to run over the line, and separate tenders will be called for supply of onboard equipment. On average 72 trains a day use the Neubaustrecke in each direction, with 120 trains a day each way on the upgraded section.DB has already installed Level 2 equipment on a section of the main line from Berlin to Halle and Leipzig. The 39 km northern section between Ludwigsfelde and Jüterbog was one of the national ERTMS test lines enjoying funding from the European Commission, but the 120 km southern section was funded nationally. Level 2 is also being installed on the 128 km route from Saarbrücken to Ludwigshafen as part of the TGV Est Europ?en programme. However, as 200 km/h will not be possible on the 33 km section between Kaiserslautern and Neustadt, Level 1 will suffice. The work will be completed by December 2008.last_img read more

Lantaran Bisa Bawa Sial, Sejumlah Maskapai Hilangkan Sejumlah Nomor Bangku,Airbus Tidak Rilis Katalog Harga, Ada Apa?

first_imgSumber: qantas.com Bagi Anda yang sering bepergian dengan menggunakan pesawat, pernahkah Anda iseng memperhatikan baris tempat duduk yang tersedia di dalam kabin? Teruntuk maskapai asing, biasanya ada deret angka yang tidak runut yang diberlakukan oleh pihak maskapai, atau ada juga maskapai yang menghilangkan nomor-nomor tertentu karena beranggapan bahwa angka-angka tersebut sebagai angka sial. Nah, siapa dari Anda yang sudah tahu mengenai hal ini? Atau bahkan baru tahu setelah membaca artikel ini? Yuk kita simak maskapai mana saja yang memberlakukan penomoran unik pada setiap armada yang dioperasikannya.Baca Juga: Jadi Baiknya Sebagai Penumpang Pesawat Duduk di Kursi Mana?Sebagaimana yang dilansir KabarPenumpang.com dari laman news.com.au (4/7/2019), sejumlah maskapai di luar sana seperti Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, Emirates, dan United Airlines menolak untuk menggunakan nomor bangku 13 di dalam kabin mereka dan lebih memilih untuk menghapus nomor tersebut – pada maskapai ini menganggap bahwa 13 sebagai angka sial.Ilustrasi penomoran dari Boeing 777-300 milik Qatar Airways. Sumber: news.com.au Ketika kebanyakan maskapai memulai penomoran bangku dimulai dengan angka 1, tapi ada juga maskapai yang tidak memulai penghitungan nomor bangku dari angka 1. Sebut saja Boeing747-400 yang dioperasikan oleh AirChina, dimana maskapai ini menomori bangku di baris paling depan di dalam kabinnya dengan angka 11 hingga nomor 14 yang menandakan bahwa itu adalah kelas bisnis. Setelah 14, AirChina akan mulai menomori bangku mereka dengan angka 1, 2, 3 yang merupakan bangku first class, dan menggunakan nomor 31 ke atas untuk menandai bangku kelas ekonomi. Hhmmm, cukup rumit ya penomoran dari AirChina!Ilustrasi penomoran dari maskapai AirChina. Sumber: news.com.auMengingat ada angka 13 yang dianggap ‘keramat’ oleh sebagian maskapai, namun ada juga maskapai lain yang tetap menggunakan angka ini dan tidak menghiraukan soal stigma buruk tentang angka sial ini. Sebagian maskapai yang berasal dari daerah Asia malah enggan menggunakan angka 4 karena menurut kepercayaan mereka, 4 merupakan angka yang dipercaya dapat membawa kesialan.Sebagai contoh, salah satu maskapai yang tidak menggunakan angka 4 pada bangku penumpang di armada mereka adalah Cathay Pacific. Sementara diluar Asia, ada juga Lufthansa yang tidak menggunakan angka 13 dan 17 pada bangku penumpang di armada mereka yang dilatarbelakangi oleh hal yang sama selayaknya maskapai-maskapai yang sudah disebutkan tadi – membawa sial.Baca Juga: Dilema Seat Pitch, Maskapai Tambah Untung Penumpang MeranaTapi tenang saja, kendati penomoran pada bangku-bangku pesawat yang sudah disebutkan di atas ada yang tidak runut atau melompati nomor-nomor tertentu, Anda akan tetap bisa duduk di bangku yang tertera pada tiket Anda dengan cara menunjukkan boarding pass kepada awak kabin ketika proses boarding, dan mereka akan dengan senang hati menunjukkan dimana tempat duduk Anda.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedYuk, Cari Tahu Makna Tersembunyi di Balik Nomor Penerbangan18/04/2018In “Domestik”Apa yang Harus Anda Lakukan Jika Didepak dari Penerbangan Akibat Overbooked?04/10/2019In “Bandara”Ini Dia Daftar Maskapai yang Belum Hentikan Penggunaan Boeing 737 MAX 814/03/2019In “Domestik”last_img read more

Pasir Sinyal ‘SOS’ Selamatkan Tiga Pria Usai Terdampar Tiga Hari di Pulau Terpencil Tak…

first_imgTim SAR gabungan AS-Australia berhasil menyelamatkan pelaut yang terdampar selama tiga hari di pulau terpencil tak berpenghuni, Pulau Pikelot, Pasifik. Foto: Australian Defense Force via AFP Tiga orang pelaut berhasil evakuasi usai terdampar di sebuah pulau terpencil tak berpenghuni di Pasifik, belum lama ini. Menariknya, para pelaut tersebut berhasil diselamatkan Tim SAR gabungan Australia dan Amerika Serikat usai mengirim sinyal SOS dengan menuliskannya di pasir.Baca juga: Throwback, Boeing 707 Pan Am 812 Jatuh di Bali, Tim SAR Butuh 3 Hari Menjangkau LokasiAssociated Press melaporkan, peristiwa bermula saat tiga pelaut yang tak disebutkan dengan jelas dari mana mereka berasal, hendak berlayar ke Pulap Atoll sebelah Timur Laut Puluwat Atoll, Pasifik. Namun, mereka diketahui berlayar jauh keluar jalur menuju Barat Laut hingga akhirnya kehabisan bahan bakar dan terdampar di Pulau Pikelot, 190 kilometer dari Puluwat Atoll tempat mereka memulai pelayaran. Jarak tersebut tentu sangat jauh di luar kapasitas bahan bakar mengingat tujuan semula di Pulap Atoll hanya berjarak 43 kilometer dari Puluwat Atoll.Setelah tiga hari, akhirnya tim SAR gabungan Australia dan Amerika Serikat (AS) berhasil menemukan sinyal darurat SOS di sebuah pasir. Setelah dikontak oleh tim SAR AS, di Guam, sebuah helikopter kemudian dikirimkan Australia dalam perjalanan pulang dari Hawaii usai mengikuti latihan perang.“Saya bangga dengan respons dan profesionalisme semua kru kapal saat kami memenuhi kewajiban berkontribusi pada keselamatan nyawa di laut, di mana pun kami berada,” kata komandan pangkalan Canberra, Terry Morrison.Sementara itu para korban dilaporkan dalam kondisi baik. Mereka dikirim makanan dan minuman menggunakan helikopter militer Australia. Setelah kondisi mereka stabil, ketiga pria itu dievakuasi menggunakan kapal patroli Mikronesia.Baca juga: Kereta Terperangkap Salju, 400 Penumpang JR East Terdampar dalam Suhu EstremSOS adalah sinyal marabahaya yang diakui secara internasional yang berasal dari kode Morse. Dalam insiden serupa pada Agustus 2016, sepasang pelaut yang terdampar juga pernah diselamatkan dari pulau tak berpenghuni lain di Mikronesia setelah helikopter Angkatan Laut AS melihat tanda SOS mereka.Beberapa bulan sebelumnya, tiga orang lainnya yang kapalnya terbalik dua mil dari pantai terlihat di pulau terdekat setelah menulis kata “Help” di pasir. Mikronesia adalah gugus kepulauan yang terdiri dari pulau-pulau yang berukuran sangat kecil di Samudra Pasifik bagian Timur, tetapi Hawaii tidak termasuk. Berbatasan dengan Filipina yang terletak di sebelah Barat, Indonesia di barat daya, Papua Nugini dan Melanesia di selatan, dan Polinesia di tenggara dan timur.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… Relatedlast_img read more