Galaxy’s Edge Store Preview: Jewels of Bith

first_imgShare This!We’re counting down the days until the official opening of Walt Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge with a look at some of the sights that you’ll see in this new land. Shopping is a major part of this new land, and the best place to visit is the Market, which has several merchants. Next up, we’re showing you some of the merchandise you can find at Jewels of Bith.To be honest, when I visited Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland, I couldn’t figure out where Jewels of Bith was, because I was expecting a collection of jewelry. Galaxy’s Edge does have jewelry for sale, both in Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities and, unusually enough, in Droid Depot. Why some of that doesn’t appear in a store called Jewels of Bith is beyond me. What you will find in Jewels of Bith is the equivalent of the airport souvenir shop, with fridge magnets, luggage tags, post cards, t-shirts, and more. By far, it is my least favorite shop in the Market, and yet I do admit I bought items there on my first visit in California. (Much of the merchandise in Florida appeared to be the same or similar, and there’s only so many fridge magnets of Black Spire Outpost one needs!)Here’s what you can expect in this shop. What are your thoughts about Jewels of Bith? Did you spy anything that you’d like to buy on your trip to Batuu? Let us know in the comments.last_img read more

Servant Mentorship

first_imgAlmost everyone recognizes how important mentoring is.  I don’t know anyone who is successful who did not have at least one good mentor. I  know I am grateful for mine.Similarly, I don’t know any good leaders who don’t mentor to some degree.  It is more than a mark of a good leader; the mentoring makes the leader stronger by what he or she learns from the mentee.Of course, people define mentoring differently.  It should be more simply than showing someone the ropes or sharing inside baseball.A good mentor should have a vested interest in helping his or her mentee succeed.  Yes, I recognize that this definition begins to bleed into sponsorship as many define it.However, I believe the line between mentorship and sponsorship can be somewhat artificial.  In my views, the best mentorships include a sponsorship component.  The term I use is “servant mentorship.”One way that mentors can sponsor mentees is by opening doors for them.  “I can’t do this but I think this would be a great opportunity for you.”In these cases, the mentor feels good about the opportunity that he or she has provided. While this may benefit the mentee too, the mentor is benefiting by having someone safe do what he or she cannot.Don’t get me wrong.  That’s not a bad thing.  But it’s not as wonderful as it may make the mentor feel.For me, the best test as to whether someone is a servant mentor is whether they lean back so their mentee can lean in.  That means giving up an opportunity for the mentee so that he or she can grow.“I can do this, but I think you would be great. If you want it, it’s yours.”Mentees know the difference.  And, I believe, they respond in kind.Opening a door for someone when you cannot walk in is not “servant mentorship.”  Not walking in the door when you can but sending your mentee instead is.Next month I will be giving my monthly slot to a mentee.  Thank you to SHRM for joining me in service mentorship.last_img read more

Top Five Reasons Your Business Needs a NAS Device

first_imgWhether you’re managing a retail store, a dental practice, an accounting firm, or a boutique bakery, your business runs on data. At minimum, you must keep track of sensitive employee and payroll records, making sure they’re accessible when you need them—and private when you don’t. You may also have years’ worth of sales transactions, patient information subject to HIPAA regulations or valuable intellectual property that you couldn’t do your work without.However, as much as we rely on data, too many businesses overlook how important it is to keep it safe, available, and secure. One common practice is to keep data on a PC or external hard drive, but if the device fails, you’ll spend thousands to recover your data—if you’re lucky enough to recover it at all. Other businesses use the cloud for data storage, but depending on how much capacity you need, this can quickly become expensive.A network-attached storage (NAS) device gives businesses a simple solution for backing up and protecting their data. Think of NAS as a sweet spot between a hard drive and a server. While servers can do more, they’re costlier and more complicated to set up and manage. They also require more effort to manage potential security vulnerabilities.Because NAS devices have a defined purpose with software and applications designed for simplicity, they are easier to set up and use. The installation process offers step-by-step guidance with customer support available for extra help. That means you won’t have to call your IT specialist.If you’ve never before considered NAS, here are the top five reasons your business should have one.It keeps what’s private privateIf you’re dealing with financial transactions, employee Social Security numbers, patient data, or other sensitive information, you need to keep it protected. Unfortunately, nearly 90% of small- and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. don’t use data protection for company and customer information.1 This is bad news. According to a recent survey from the Ponemon Institute, 54% of small- and medium-sized businesses have experienced a data breach involving customer or employee information in the previous 12 months.2NAS can help you safeguard data and avoid the high costs of a breach. When you use a NAS device, your data stays in your office. This is especially helpful when the cloud is not an option due to business restrictions or other concerns. In this way, a NAS device can help you comply with industry regulations for data privacy, like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).In addition, a NAS device with Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT) gives you a simple way to quickly encrypt and decrypt data.Your data is always there for youEvery business has certain types of information it needs immediate access to, no matter what. Think calendars for appointment scheduling, patient medical records or inventory pricing.If this data is stored in the cloud and you lose your internet connection, your business could come screeching to a halt. Similarly, waiting for large files to download from the cloud can consume valuable employee time. With a NAS device, your data is on-site and ready to be accessed whenever you need it.Everything is backed up—seamlesslyYour data is priceless. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you can quickly recover all the data saved from your PCs, mobile devices and other systems in the event of a failure. You can set up NAS devices to automatically sync with and upload data so that it’s backed up regularly—without you or your employees having to think about it.You can support video surveillanceVideo surveillance systems can help keep your business safe, but they demand an incredible amount of computing performance and storage capacity. Select NAS devices give you robust performance and connectivity for video surveillance and transcoding. This means you can quickly and securely access your camera views from any device, any time. Look for NAS solutions with support for video surveillance if this is important for your business.You’ll save money over the long runToday’s businesses have a growing number of PCs, mobile devices, cameras, point-of-sale devices, and other systems. As your data needs grow, so do your costs for cloud storage. Sending everything to the cloud can get expensive, especially considering the extra demand on your internet bandwidth. Using a NAS device to store critical, sensitive, or large files will help reduce some of the cost.NAS devices are designed to balance performance, power and cost, giving you an optimized solution that fits both your CapEx and OpEx budgets, while working in tandem with the cloud storage you already use. Given that you could pay hundreds or thousands each year for cloud storage costs, a NAS device can quickly pay for itself.Find the right NAS solution for your businessEventually, most businesses will have a problem with data, whether it’s loss or a security breach. By being proactive about secure data storage, you can protect yourself before data becomes a problem. One of the most important assets for a business is its data—so ensuring that it’s available, protected and backed up is critical to your success.As you research NAS devices, look for solutions that use Intel processors, which give you fast file transfer speeds, exceptional performance, amazing graphics and robust encryption to help keep your data secure. We recommend solutions from Synology, QNAP, ASUSTOR, NETGEAR, and QSAN.1. “Cybercrime and hacking are even bigger worries for small business owners,” The Guardian, January 2015, com/business/2015/jan/21/cybersecurity-small-business-thwarting-hackers-obama-cameron.2. “2017 State of Cybersecurity in Small & Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB),” Ponemon Institute, September 2017, ma/IMG/pdf/2017_state_of_cybersecurity_in_small_medium-sized_businesses.pdf.last_img read more