Why do people have to do enough dirty

this article is very dirty, and now it is too late to turn off……

"dirty" was originally a very pure word.

but in recent years, the Internet allows us to recognize the rivers and lakes on more prostitution, they do not agree on a dirty sewage, so that you blush in the heart of the content, by the way to accept their Amway products.

carefully, you will find that the "pollution", is no longer a Durex, Okamoto these "sewage" brand exclusive words, and often accompanied by brain hole is interesting, good ideas, unique meaning.

when someone covered his face and said, "Hello ah ah ah ah, ah," in fact, his heart is OS: "your brain hole big", "Hello funny ah," ha ha ha ha ha ha"…. Do not believe you look down.

from media content, sewage pollution

Since the media copy

to write the story for rock, good at attracting your desire for a variety of small adventures of Huang Wenshen turning brain hole wonderful content, and [] of naturally became a big shake the contents of magic, not a shame you can’t click the title to click it to see, so the first three a title, to see how the wave pollution:

sleep you are the best confession

cooking and sex sounds like

when I catch Picacho when you are with others as changeable as clouds and rain

apart from the title, there are a lot of articles such as:

I especially love to see Joe smoking

. Joe’s long fingers, when she was holding a cigarette on the table, I can feel the same moving her legs, around my waist.


appear in the appropriate paragraphs in a little yellow line fell down in the second, active style, to attract readers attention is fundamental, so old and not serious, serious story, let the reader know it is still unable to read advertisements.

then you worship with Meng sister, this rascal in the whole piece of pollution aspect is also a master, a 100 thousand minute +


net content, sewage pollution

in order to narrow the distance between the audience and the network, comprehensive program at postures decontamination, old drivers have let the mobile phone screen in front of the audience blush.

For example, "

said" wonderful, the original Iqiyi chief content officer Ma Dong, is the master content, is the force of the king.



" in the Joker Mars intelligence agency, when the hand piece, and no



old driver Zhang Yu, after all, is the creation of a lot of classic love songs.



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