SEO outsourcing service is more and more popular

search engine with another round of upgrading and improving the algorithm, China SEO market becomes more mature, more and more standardized, the chain for the emperor’s lopsided era. Now SEO more and more attention to the user experience, the original has become the hottest topic of the current SEOER. The same as before then pseudo original group chain is self defeating, so on energy and time requirements become harsh, those companies have no time and no energy or single-handed SEOER, had to choose to go out SEO service outsourcing.

The rapid development of

the Internet, also let many crooks take advantage of deceptive methods emerge in an endless stream, more and more tricks, make people impossible to guard against. Optimization of industry is no exception, the optimization is also a lot of money does not work. How can we reduce the risk, to find a suitable formal and strong ability of SEO outsourcing company or team? Vernon SEO team has such experience and share:

first: the choice of transaction mode

network is the real customers all over the country, in a city so scanty, trading has become a priority among priorities. Because our team is also the beginning of the network orders, so there is a right to speak on this piece. Remember in 2010, the first US team only two people, and another friend, we are a company, because of the need to realize their dreams and in the company of some unhappy, we finally decided to resign until two set up SEO team. Everyone took only 2000 yuan, we started our dream trip, even though the consumption level of Zhengzhou is not particularly high, but only 2000 yuan a month worth of consumption, there is no way, life after death, then I believe that within a month will be able to pull business. I am responsible for the specific business, which was looking for customers through the Witkey website, 2008 registered account Witkey until 2010 to up. Every day to stop and look at the task of bidding chat client, remember only three hours every day around the rest of the time, in order to find the right customers as soon as possible, from six a.m. to three a.m., spent in the busy. Finally, hard work pays off, with a gold exchange customers to look for me, I asked how much money the most direct problem, I have seen him. After the words and say three words to the home page of 2000 yuan a year, an additional 2000 maintenance costs, and add up to 4000 yuan. However, the customer is not willing to say he found another SEOER offer only 200, monthly maintenance fee of $100. I think this has emboldened enough, the client game, but I still bite the bullet and communicate with the client, and asked how he could be so low, the 200 is to let the first down payment, the customer said it did so, need to pay 200 deposit, then the effect after 100 monthly maintenance fees. In fact, to tell the truth, he did not compete these three words, because there is no fear of a stand to do optimization rankings. I would say you are not afraid to deposit their running time? We don’t do a good job to deposit, receivables, as long as the guarantee in Witkey website on.

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