mprove the chain system, enhance the site weight

weight is a comprehensive evaluation of the quality of the site for Baidu, high weight site is usually the site’s keywords ranking is very high, and the index is very high. Although we have repeatedly stressed that there is no official data can be clearly pointed out that the key word ranking and weight of the objective relationship, but from some of the site’s phenomenon shows that improving the weight of the site ranking is favorable.

to improve the weight of the site, we observed from the search engine data, it is usually associated with the score of the web page. The integrated assessment index page, generally reflected the views and content value, browsing time and other factors on the web, for these data points can get the weight fraction of the site, of course, this is also the author’s personal view, and there is no access to Baidu’s official statement. About Baidu weight determination and many other theories, and today I want to share the Dennis another theory is to optimize the wise remark of an experienced person, within the chain determines the weight lifting. Is true or false, we may wish to discuss with the author.

in the chain can be regarded as a site of jinlao, when spiders enter the site to the depth and breadth of crawling through these chain crawling, so that more content of the site can be obtained spider. On the other hand, the existence of the site within the chain can enhance the user experience, users can more quickly find what they want to access the page, but also can play a role of content recommendation, increase the voting station. Standing on the site optimization point of view, the author believes that the layout of the chain is actually a kind of standing in the voting, the weight of the upgrade is a certain help.

in the entire site, even if there is no role of the chain, the site’s home page and column page weight is also very high. This is mainly in the layout of the site chain. In the site, we will often website pages in the contents and super point to the home page, so you can link in the chain is not conducive to the user to click are low quality and related links; the content of the contents of the article page to recommend to complete a chain in the perfect layout, improve the site activity.

for the same article in a number of internal search engines usually do not repeat the calculation, only one of the links as the reference value of the voting algorithm. We can also use the program to automatically add links, that is, according to the key words for the same article automatically links. This is the most common in the chain layout Baidu encyclopedia, while Baidu Encyclopedia of the chain layout also proved that the rationalization of the chain system, it is possible to improve their website weight.

had the industry’s predecessors said, with a perfect layout of the chain of the site, even if it does not do any external optimization, website ranking is also able to beat competitors. Before the author of this theory is not very understanding, and even some dismissive, and now it seems that the layout of the chain is indeed a way to improve the site itself.

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