Network marketing how to understand and analyze your competitors

small left there was a time not Bo, recently, small left in his Sina scarf occasionally when wandering, see some new trends within the circle of the webmaster friends, we have the focus began to shift to TX collar, this is an interesting phenomenon, you know, China is a group of people most webmaster sensitive to the Internet, the webmaster together where there is a fire. I can not help but for the reason of this phenomenon is curious, but also added to the tunnel has long forgotten TX collar, began to see exactly where is the difference between the two. But today is not to go into the two small left collar of the advantages and disadvantages. The reason TX is in-depth analysis to catch up from behind, the competitor’s website, it is too deep, it is also a reminder of the importance of small left for in-depth analysis of competitor


as the saying goes: the enemy, victorious. It is known to all, especially in the field of network marketing, but for a pendulum in front of your competitors, how to analysis? The general webmaster is to study people’s PR, to see what’s included, check the chain, which is analyzed. Small left that this is serious enough, you can find these information, others can also be found, this is not called analysis, but the data query. In addition to the webmaster of this program is also a problem, playing online games and game player have friends all know that you are friends, you should first ask the game player in the background, such as what the guild, what rank, and their size gap. If you are a soldier, people is the president, you can’t see the analysis, people go, because it is not comparable. If you are a heavyweight, the following is better than equipment, technology and other data considerations, to see what the lack of quick ideas beyond.

for the above, small left that, when we see the hearts of so-called competitors, should follow such a process:

1 evaluating the strength of competitors, look at whether the two sides in a competitive area, are comparable, for example to do a portal, don’t take Sina as their competitors, obviously not reliable; if you engage in network marketing, e-commerce B2B, don’t start Sike and Alibaba. If you are doing the current hot anomaly of the network, you are a girl group, then you can refer to the United States and the United States, because you are an online.

2 to understand their own shortcomings, many of their hard and soft conditions for in-depth analysis of their own resources, background, staffing and other factors to consider. For example, their staffing is limited, the energy is limited, then go into the promotion promotion is limited, then go into the massive forum or QQ group needs a great amount of energy is not their own strengths, of course, can also continue to dig deep, has been digging, dug himself a few pounds all understand.

3 clear goals and direction, competitors do better than you but also beneficial aspects of user experience, must be clear goals and direction (including those of PR, included, anti chain data, but these data.

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