Xu Yichen SEO the promotion of enterprise products on the B2B platform

network promotion, in addition to the promotion of the site, blog marketing, if compared to the company’s products, then the operation of the B2B platform is a product of the degree of exposure is more reflected. Now more and more manufacturers are also aware of the use of many B2B platform, for example, as everyone knows the "Alibaba" and powerful "HC" and some very low-key "global trade"…

today, the boss said that the information on the B2B have been finished, or that a word "coal gangue crusher" let go of the B2B information, so that information ranking. "Tinmillis" first, the first page of Baidu to remove a product of Baidu encyclopedia, I can put a company with products of Baidu encyclopedia, put up a website, if only the two, you may have accounted for the remaining 1/4 of the shares, but this product sellers can be more than four. Before the first page, removing the website and the company’s products with Baidu encyclopedia and Tianhong mechanical about five B2B platform information, such information has been very good, but I speak a little here, the B2B platform is included after, Baidu was put to his rank, after I study the B2B information of each time period or not the same time, Baidu will put up different manufacturers, I want to say, if you left a Baidu encyclopedia and a website two message exposure, the rest of the information Other manufacturers, is divided into three, two pieces of information too, even if all is another manufacturer, it is not excessive, because when you do, can all put on their own, they can, perhaps say, B2B platform is not much information ranking fancy, may be free to put the Baidu ranking, but the rules or rules, not others is not too strong, you are too weak, I feel, in the Baidu 7893 months of upheaval in the SEO area can be inferred from the B2B information in turmoil, the turmoil in August and September of SEO, I want to present a very low-key website K is not on the line, but fortunately, coal pulverizer ranking or so steady, and constantly in front. The number of B2B information just said the decline is "tinmillis"

say the boss asked "coal gangue crusher" B2B information search on Baidu "coal gangue crusher", or in front of the ten promotion, natural ranking last for a piece of information, the snapshot is 8.8 days, second pages, the entire site, Tianhong mechanical in sixth, most after a network machine product encyclopedia, page third, more than half of the site, then it will appear B2B platform, so how to do the "B2B information ranking coal gangue crusher", look at the first page of the B2B information, it is not good, there is a lot of information are very bad, but row on the first page, but you can think of this. It may be he sent one hundred or two hundred to have this effect, Baidu is randomly placed. May be followed by the manufacturers go, because coal pulverizer machine has been used before the network B2B information on the first page of Baidu for several days, and the same industry and the gold wo Zheng Jian machinery, machinery, there are B2B information on the first page of Baidu, do not know whether this.

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