How to write the enterprise soft


enterprises how to write software for users, is an enterprise to enhance the premise of the site. For community based forum website, every day is about 10 articles to update the article, most companies will recruit a few editors, specialized writing enterprise soft. Indeed, the Internet can only bring influence through the exchange, is to write a let people understand and have the impulse to contact the merchant to the practice. In SEO, the content of the emperor fully reflects the importance of a web site to do a good job of SEO original articles.

how to write for the user’s soft Wen, which need to understand the interests of different groups of hobbies. Like a deep research type of men like to see more content, classical, literary smell of the article. Write a targeted article, often get twice the result with half the effort. Must be based on the company’s products, product characteristics to write. Be sure to describe the advantages and characteristics of the product, so that the user into the idea of interest. As for a website, more attention is the soft. Learning SEO people all know, a good original articles, can bring unlimited reproduced, somebody to help you send the chain, to help you enhance corporate visibility, Why not?


now we talk about the role of the promotion of soft. First of all, do the brand is the need to use a large number of original soft Wen to promote, because the soft Wen can improve the site rankings, followed by the industry brand awareness. Today’s online companies, most of the use of soft Wen to promote their own. The webmaster are clear, soft Wen to enhance their popularity quickly, but because of their execution is not strong, blindly rely on, half a word. If you write the essence of the software, the influence of the expansion of the atmosphere is also obvious. Then is to use the chain to do the traffic, with the flow with exquisite, attract the user’s Web site structure and the essence of the mobile soft, for the promotion of sales is also a great effective.

1 enterprise use soft Wen promotion, low cost blog

in the face of the rapid growth of China’s Internet users, the use of online blog promotion has been the trend. Like foreign blogs have become the basis of the news coverage, more use of blog to report.

companies can use blog to promote their own industry, you can build their own blog positions in BSP. Now with the blog of a generation, like love with Sina blog 70. Ordinary users like to use Baidu space to build their own personality space. Enterprises to promote the use of blog, if you can publish a high quality original articles every day, to enhance the ranking of the industry is also an immediate station.

2 enterprise use soft Wen promotion, soft Wen don’t too advertising

relative to the readers, advertising is very offensive. Even if you are the authority of the official, the use of their own soft Wen to repeatedly publicize the goods, not only the loss of users, all aspects of the authority theory will slowly fade. Write a good soft Wen, according to user needs to write, as far as possible >

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