Discussion on how to promote the blog group

today we are talking about the blog group of promotion, this promotion is the promotion, said before the blog promotion is the establishment of a large number of blog group software, then sending out the same content of articles, to improve the website display distribution on the web width. With the search engine to give the blog weight is getting lower and lower, this method is no longer applicable. We are going to talk about today’s blog promotion is mainly based on multiple blog one-way link, unified internal links to the Lord, to form a closed chain, known as the "chain" "commonly known as" chain "" commonly known as "chain" "excellent competition boost search optimization new ideas".

before on the blog group, we first explain the individual blog internal construction, as the essence of promotion effect of each independent blog to add a certain amount of high quality original or false original content and different from each other, and do regular updates, add a link to other blogs in Links at each link all the blogs, like to wear line, forming a circle, all around the main content page published articles, with hypertext links to the main station, to be included in Baidu, and then published articles get A5, long home powerful website, if approved and it has certain readability you can get a lot of reprint, the initiative reproduced than you much of a lot of high quality links. This is a heavy manual labor, not what technical content, rely on persistence and perseverance, probably one or two months may not see results, if give up is wasted, in front of all the efforts have come to nothing, sometimes the success of others may be more than you insist on a. Blog updates do not like the portal news site, so frequently, keep the 2-3 updated once a day is good, but we must keep the law, fixed time update, let the spider every time to get into the habit of not Baipaoyitang, long time slowly got spider trust, and give a certain weight blog.

if you want to take this team to achieve the ultimate effect, also can take the cross links, the so-called cross links is to separate types of blogs (such as the N Sina blog consists of a small sprocket sprocket) formed independently in each big sprocket, pulley can exist alone, and can be interconnected with a big chain wheel exchange, the weights given portal blog from Baidu, arranged from high to low: Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Baidu, Ali, and the end of the world. Baidu space is the only product of Baidu to their low weight, which is not the reason for this analysis. The above ranking is only a personal feeling, statements of a school for reference.

blog group promotion is built on the basis of the original blog on a bold innovation, only the continuous innovation we can go on the website to promote the road farther, but also go better.

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