The 5 key factors of the bad effect of network marketing

nowadays many traditional small and medium enterprises began to get involved in the field of network marketing, there are also some enterprises have tasted the benefits for the enterprise network marketing return, but according to Ken Tan network marketing agency to understand the enterprise network marketing 90% do not satisfactory, this data is exaggerated, even has been advertised many training institutions of outstanding cases the essence is not. In general, this is not as a summary of the main performance for the following situations:

1, no flow!

2, there is no traffic advisory!

3, there is no deal consulting


so, why did this happen? What are the factors affecting the enterprise network marketing effect? Tan roots through the analysis of the effect of network marketing companies, the five major factors affecting the enterprise network marketing effect are summarized as follows:

1, a website, but no marketing website

is now almost all of the company’s construction site marketing banner banner. Imagine a professional network marketing staff, no angle spread from the perspective of marketing and sales, planning, planning to view a website, how to use a program module to customer website template construction company can make marketing website called.

marketing website is the enterprise marketing target to site planning based on search engine has good performance and user experience, complete evaluation system, can use a variety of organic means visitors into customer service for the purpose of corporate marketing website.

enterprise website has a strong marketing, whether there is a good credibility, the spread of the network marketing is the most basic prerequisite for success. In terms of the entire network sales process, the customer will eventually go through the site to find their intention to buy products or services, and finally come to the door. So have the marketing force of the website, to carry out network marketing of small and medium enterprises, it is essential.

marketing website compared with the ordinary corporate website, has obvious advantages and features of it from different perspectives and needs to consider, made a comprehensive analysis on the enterprise website, finally integrated the function of various kinds of websites and services, which has strong marketing and marketing value, is the pursuit of the ultimate the effect of marketing.

almost all of the current site of the company while the name of the construction of website marketing banner, but to help enterprises in the construction sites are not network marketing analysis, brand planning, product planning process, not to mention the professional network marketing staff, they are not from the perspective of marketing angle, sales angle, spread to the planning, planning a they are from the website, or visual angle to look at the site, with a program module to customer template construction site, and a copy of LOGO, then the enterprises under the name of the company, to design the interface! Check whether your site in the


2, network >

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