Daily topic the retreat of the handle network have a fighting chance

A (www.admin5.com) 5 station network December 22nd news, the message says lashou is making a round of mass layoffs last week to cancel part of the sub station, the headquarters of the number of layoffs accounted for about 1/3 of the total number, and the station was laid off about 200 people. Handle the relevant person in charge of the network did not deny layoffs but stressed the steady progress of the company’s business.

allegedly handle network internal layoff scale is very large, the headquarters operations related duties were laid off about 80 people, because the list less, large quantities of operation of editorial review staff have also forced to leave the headquarters, the final number of layoffs accounted for about 1/3 of the total number, and the number of sub stations are cut to about 200 people, almost every department have reduced.

now handles network can not help but marvel, several attempts have failed IPO, group purchase industry leader is now also catch up with the bright younger generation does not say, others come to


as the world’s first Groupon and Foursquare (buy + sign) combination of buy site. Handle network established from March 18, 2010 to January 20, 2011, in the number of registered users has exceeded 3 million, the average monthly visits exceeded 30 million, opened more than 400 service city, 2010 turnover of nearly 1 billion yuan, and is still growing at the speed of 100% per month. In less than 1 years, the handle is known as the battle of thousands of Group buy market stand out, as of January 20, 2011, becoming one of China’s largest buy site. February 2011, the handle network claims to be almost a new round of financing the total sum of peer financing, valuation rose to $1 billion.

in the acquisition of sanpower handle according to the agreement, sanpower group will combine the advantages, proposed the "sky underground, pull line down line, supply chain, customer pull goods, group purchase pull pull idle away in seeking pleasure custom" "Five" cooperation, intended to physical resources and online resources to handle network sanpower group rich line together, in the basis of the sustainable development of group purchase business, to build their own electronic business platform.

but in the two months after the acquisition, the performance of the network does not seem to pull much improvement. According to Analysys International released the "2014 third quarter China group purchase market quarterly monitoring" shows that the current domestic group purchase market size of 23 billion yuan, more than a quarter nearly doubled; meituan with 55% of the share occupy half of the country, followed by public comment 22.1%, followed by Baidu Nuomi accounted for 13%.

if the handle network listing success, I believe that the fate of today’s handle network is another scene, but not if the history of


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