Rental site HomeAway start PO market capitalization of $3 billion

Beijing on June 30th news, holiday rental service HomeAway today listed on the Nasdaq, ticker symbol "AWAY", the share price up to $37.10 per share, compared to the initial trading price of $27 / share rose 39%, a market capitalization of $3 billion, raising a total of $216 million.

HomeAway submitted to the IPO application in March this year. Documents show that HomeAway revenue of $167 million 900 thousand in 2010, an increase of 39.6%. 37.9% of the company’s revenue in 2010 came from outside the United States, of which 36.6% came from Europe, and 1.3% from Latin america. Lease listing contributed 91.1% of HomeAwa’s revenue in 2010. Its 2010 net income of $16 million 900 thousand, compared with $9 million 300 thousand in 2009. 2010, the United States and Europe holiday house rental market valuation of $85 billion.

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