Zhu Zerong when you are hard to write the original article and soft article

the afternoon and the portal website editor "drop" to talk about the problem of writing a drop of water, many authors mentioned in writing write often do not know how to write. On this issue, she said: "the main reason is that there is always enough materials do not know where to write".

this point represents the common problems of the authors, writing in the text or website of original articles, most authors will encounter this problem: sometimes I want to say to the mouth is not written, sometimes felt if only simmering can not be expressed in words, there is a very good idea the theme of writing but a written mess, sometimes in the face of Web services or products not to write from any angle, not only the new writing authors often encounter this embarrassing situation, even if the occupation is edited and many writers have written several years often encounter this problem.

Zhu Zerong: the writing itself, writing needs a very rich accumulation of knowledge, the process of writing, is actually a process of consolidation of knowledge in the brain fragments, through a theme or a clue, these pieces of knowledge to string together, here includes the academic, professional knowledge, experience, and so on. The so-called, accumulate steadily, the more books you read, your brain knowledge base is more abundant, the more you experience, integration of theory and practice is stronger, the more you talk to people, knowledge you gain more lucrative.

but it is clear that the owners of this group, most of the age is too small, there is neither a broad knowledge base, there is no rich practical experience, writing is a very painful thing. Today, in order to promote their own websites, with soft propaganda has become an essential means of website promotion, not only important, but also very important, and in the search engine, the weight of the original articles more and more high, which forced the webmaster have to write text and original, and most of the owners can only bite the bullet to write.

Zhu Zerong’s advice: the material for writing comes from the amount of information available for reading, and the inspiration for writing comes from clever triggers. If you are hard to write the original article and soft Wen, then let others to write for you, let others for your inspiration.

, a day just look at the online article, it is difficult to have the writing material, because you are usually fast reading in the online reading, can be said to be without the brain without thinking of reading, this thinking is very unstable, like jumping, non-stop flashing lights creaking computer hard drives, as long as fast the ability to store information, if you want it and non storage, extraction, and then run the one or two program, it can not eat animals, in this case, it is difficult to produce writing inspiration in writing, so you often don’t head, sometimes feel an article to write about this, but I don’t know how how to write.


writing trigger, you need some way to writing themes, this is also the clue, the solution is stop and read newspapers and magazines such as static paperback books, because reading speed is very slow, you think.

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