A brief discussion on soft language to promote website or product

many webmaster friends want to get traffic surged on your own site in time to promote their website or product, and the forum, Baidu know, QQ group, everywhere advertising, take my website as an example (www.taoearth.com), may be this kind of propaganda "mainly in the Pi Pi network the beauty, slimming, breast enhancement, body health, consulting and products for the main business, we are committed to creating the most professional beauty, slimming, breast enhancement, health and beauty products and consulting website, to provide the most cutting-edge beauty, slimming, breast enhancement, body health, information consultation for you Amy, released most related products welcome, provide a good platform for the construction of beautiful general amy. At present, we will sincerely invite a number of partners, and strive to create their own brand, sincerely look forward to working with you. Contact QQ:1102681993 "and then kept to the forum, Baidu group and to copy and paste, not only the results of the effect is not good, there may be account suspension.

so easy to accept the language, I now write soft article I will give an example of this in some time in your site, you introduce a product, you introduce the product and how good it can not let people accept, because of the introduction of too much, you might as well try a new method. For example, to talk about their own understanding of the products, what I heard that from where, and then they use under the effect is good, and often to the Pi Pi online to pay attention to the latest information, I really learned a lot of experience make yourself beautiful.

so invisible to their website publicity, can improve the acceptance of others. Sales on the phrase "not pin pin", said there is a customer, not at all mentioned selling products and introduce the information of the products will sell the product, of course, this level is high, we have to do is to do the site must be a conscientious, must pay attention to the ways and methods how to win.

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