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lead: pay attention to the daily news: the latest domestic financing second-hand car search platform to Mahatma " " A round of financing for 5 million, "mushroom brothers" in the first round of financing 6 million yuan, the wisdom of city parking App "e parking for nearly 10 million Angel round of financing…… Please pay attention to more exciting.


Internet plus car platform "91 love car" received 20 million yuan


Internet car platform "91 love car" announced the completion of 20 million yuan Angel round of financing, joint investment by the Shenzhen equity trading center, Jinnuo investment and a number of investment institutions.

91 car focused on solving the chaos of the traditional school driving chaos charges, the main student market. From the line so far more than 2 months time, the 91 love car was two rounds of financing a total of $20 million Angel round of financing. After the completion of this round of financing, the 91 car will be opened before the end of 2015 to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other major cities as well as Xi’an, Chengdu, and other second tier cities.

City smart parking App parking e get nearly ten million Angel round of financing

"e parking" completed nearly ten million yuan Angel round of financing, the investor is IOI investment and the amount of capital.

e is a cloud of wisdom to provide parking parking lot of the overall solution is APP, two-dimensional code reverse searching cars, temporary parking, monthly payment, wrong when sharing parking, vehicle theft, parking and other function reservation.

credit life platform "ICT" won the 10 million angel investment

"Life is the first college credit platform

ICT wallet" the first round of financing 10 million yuan investment for the stabilization fund.

is committed to learning ICT for college students to provide shopping, tourism consumption, venture capital support and other services, as long as the student ID Wallet can apply for credit, enjoy the first consumer pay credit service.

online chat platform to enjoy the space to get 1 million 500 thousand yuan angel financing

share space announced the acquisition of 1 million 500 thousand yuan angel investment, investment for capital, Ethernet network CEO Du Mengjie, a beautiful dream dream business network CEO wang.

enjoy thinking space is based on a number of public lectures online platform of WeChat, under the share of students, enjoy thinking of entrepreneurship, enjoy thinking of job seekers, enjoy thinking travel 10 WeChat share in the form of public service number, WeChat group, to provide users with covering PubMed, study, entrepreneurship, employment, travel, foreign language etc. the contents of. Up to now, think of the space has been held more than 250 lectures, invited the guests to participate in the sharing of the more than and 300, has accumulated more than 600 themes WeChat group and the fans (WeChat total attention).

to intelligent behavior point of entry of the mushroom brothers was 6 million yuan Angel round of financing

mushroom >

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