11 techniques to improve the effectiveness of social media marketing

lead: the survey shows that social media will be recommended for browsing a website with 30%. In this paper, these 11 strategies will help to improve the effectiveness of social media marketing.

Author: Firas Kittaneh, One Mall group CEO, search engine optimization and e-commerce experts

effective social media marketing helps build successful companies. Recently, Shareaholic conducted a study in 4 months to track the results of the site, the results show that social media recommendations will contribute to a site of 30% of the amount of.

if your business web site is less than that, you might want to consider whether existing social media strategies work. Second, if the site’s links from social media are higher than that, you may still want to know what else to do.

these strategies will help to improve the effectiveness of social media marketing, which has a positive impact on sales and the development of the company.

1 open for customers tailored Twitter. Most of the people who use the Twitter will be lost in live in our daily life, and this phenomenon is not at the end of the stream, but the customer tailored Twitter can attract the attention of readers. A newline or a unique font color can bring change to a short message monotonous. Open a Twitter account can make your company more prominent, with a refreshing expression or an interesting symbol, you can copy and paste from iEmoji.com and other sites.

2 Bowen length. Although Twitter has a 140 character limit, but Google Plus is to encourage the release of long blog. For example, in July 7th, Mike, a consultant in Missouri, Saint Louis, ·, after the release of a blog post in a very short period of time, received a lot of comments and points like.

3 set up Facebook group. With the continuous decrease in the number of Facebook pages of independent landing companies, entrepreneurs, marketers and publishers should abandon the single enterprise page instead of creating and managing Facebook groups. The advantage of this is that members can choose to receive the direct notification of updates.

4 insert embedded action call. Add a bit of fun to Facebook’s regular blog and generate more customer orientation. In accordance with the Econsultancy super simple tutorial for your page to add to increase the amount of clicks and views of the action call button.

5 marketing through a variety of social platforms. Facebook will be turned into a fan on the Twitter, the LinkedI>

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