Honey bud executives to respond to rumors the outside world intends to exaggerate the current manage

news August 30th, the media broke the news, the dramatic changes of cross-border electricity supplier maternal honey bud, CTO, general manager of cross-border business in East Gui Bowen, O2O and mother responsible person Zhao Zhe, vice president of operations Du Ping have left. The news of the site were reproduced in a short period of time, the honey bud on the moment in the teeth of the storm.

reporter the first time the reporter contacted the person in charge of the Ministry of public relations. It was confirmed that the media reports of these 4 executives have indeed left, but the departure time is in the past year and a half, and each employee leave interval of 3~4 months. In the media named 4 people, only CTO of the East belongs to the executive level, the other three belong to the middle of the company, and can not be called executives. The senior executives leave event is the past year, the internal personnel changes in the normal bud, rather than the outside world is expected to shock personnel, honey bud management is also very stable.

at present, former assistant president, Eslite excellent shopping network vice president of technology Guo Chunmei took over the post of CTO honey bud.

honey bud current development is very stable." The person in charge believes that honey bud is not a listed company, so there is no obligation to disclose the status of middle-level cadres to the outside world. From September last year after the completion of the D round of financing, honey bud has been deliberately kept a low profile, focusing on the C client service.

as the mother of cross-border electricity supplier to Taobao unicorn, honey bud diaper started, founder Liu Nan is a graduate of Beijing University 80 stay-at-home mom. Honey bud baby site on 2014 on-line, on-line first year sales reached 300 million, breaking through the second year of 1 billion. Only in 2014 a year, honey bud completed three rounds of financing, the total amount of more than 80 million u.s.. In September 8th last year, honey bud completed the amount of up to $150 million D round of financing, led by Baidu, Sequoia Capital, H capital and several U.S. private equity funds with investment.


venture capital chase, honey bud also frequently encountered from the industry questioned. Wantonly burn marketing was rumored little rampant.

face the outside world questioned, honey bud side said that in recent years, honey bud has been trying to break through in marketing, cross-border + pan entertainment marketing model also achieved good results. It is reported for the first time in honey bud pan entertainment marketing is in July last year, the Shanghai Film Museum held the first fashion award for honey honey bud, bud big promotion in July made a satisfactory. Honey bud and Strike while the iron is hot., in August of the same year in Hunan satellite TV "every day", freaky goddess Cecilia Cheung endorsement by the platform, spokesman Wang Han fancy broadcasting, brand awareness upgrade again. By the end of 2016, mango TV cross year concert, 2016 Spring Festival around the Chinese Spring Festival Gala, Lantern Festival, honey bud and Hunan TV tightly bound, contributing to a new wave of consumer spending. In June, honey bud joint Hunan Golden Eagle cartoon TV to create a joint 61 party, at the same time the children toy commodity based commodity sales promotion activities on the site, but also achieved good sales.

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