Enterprise website promotion method

1, search engine optimization

through the SEO website optimization, so that the design of the site in line with the basic standards of the major search engines, in order to get a good ranking in the major search engines, in order to get a larger flow. (the current site keywords ranking better).

2, keyword advertising

can be targeted for potential customers to put the crowd, the platform can choose Baidu, Google, YAHOO, etc..

3, soft Wen promotion

promotion articles to stand to the customer perspective and industry point of view to write and publish promotion, to make each article can be released by the network media and websites are made in order to achieve the best effect There is no such a rule!.

4, activity promotion

and local well-known websites or forums to engage in special activities, inviting members of the site to participate in order to improve the status of our web site in the Internet, and conduct marketing activities.

5, advertising


in the industry website and local well-known forum website monthly advertising, to choose a relatively high price and advertising on the website.

6, Forum promotion

finishing top 100 forum planned post, looking for good material, the content of the post should be attractive, after the release to the regular maintenance update, more post replies.

7, blog promotion

in the major blog site to promote the promotion of blog.

8, QQ promotion

can use QQ friends, QQ signature, QQ group to promote, QQ group software to promote.

9, exchange link

and similar industry website exchange links.

10, navigation website login

login various types of site navigation website.

11, website business strategy changes will change the way for the traditional marketing strategy throughout the process of site management and construction, daily updates, regular change, regularly launch new activities or theme, interact with potential customers or browse the website, make them feel fresh, convenient and happy, the concept of service and agree without prior without previous consultation. A regular (or monthly or bimonthly website in each) launched the theme day activities, manufacturing gimmick, the concept of speculation, making fresh content, eye-catching.

12, under the net to promote the use of existing human resources and customer resources of word-of-mouth (marketing role); in the name of website not a regular website about small gifts, leaflets, journals, websites regularly send some market research to the customer or a registered member of.

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