WeChat public platform to promote two tips

recently, many friends will come to ask me, there is no better way to promote WeChat public platform.

to me and the operation of the wood brothers men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing three public numbers, in fact, the most important thing is the public number.

now we take the WeChat push advertising, 3000 a! Love push push!

why so cattle? Because we do good content, fans absolutely accurate!

as long as you WeChat public platform content, not afraid of no fans.

After the excellent content of

, and then with the large push each other and write their own soft Wen promotion, this thing becomes 80%.

, however, the 20% left, you need to have some small tricks to help us do better ~~

tonight, we’ll give you two tips to help you learn more about WeChat marketing.

the first one: "symbol, let your WeChat

the more conspicuous!

you can take a look at me a VIP trainees, operating a WeChat public number, we have not found anything?


the little details (some people may still not found) is the first Changyi shangmeng micro friends ask me, is not a trick? To tell the truth, was not observed so fine, but in my circle of friends, see people reprint articles, with the sign (and other symbol).

you can not look down on these symbols, when someone to share it with friends circle, it is obvious enough ah!


second strokes: "listen to me" can enhance the degree of concern.

A small detail of this

WeChat public operations, it comes from the who? Is a good friend, they time to run a name: Imperial survival handbook.


the public number, the main user groups are living in Beijing, a small partner, the main content is to provide a variety of Beijing life tips. When I was having dinner with them, they asked me how to operate and promote the public number.

I was the public, take a look at the most attracts me is the top of the article "listen to my! I know at that time, it is also a little skill.


and I go home with their black millet public number, try to send a few articles. Indeed, the effect is the same as their effect.


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