How to improve website traffic

many friends wrote to me, he opened a shop on the Internet, but the effect is not ideal. Although the quality of the products they sell on the Internet is very good and the price is very competitive, it is hard for your online store if no one or very few people come to visit your online store. So, the most important place to open an online store is how to make your site traffic. There are hundreds of kinds of the method to make a site traffic, I can not have them enumerated in this piece of essay.

in order to save the reader’s time, I’ll just list some of the effective ways I’ve tried. I say "effective" to follow the following principles:

simple, easy to understand and implement;

can leverage leverage theory (leverage), with a small effort to produce a huge return; with viral marketing features, your product information can spread and spread like a virus.

strategy: an alliance with influential individuals and organizations

many people shop online, like fishing in the sea. Good luck, one day may be able to catch one, two, bad luck, a day can not catch a fish. Don’t wait! You should learn to have a place like a fisherman to establish a fast! Your approach is to look for a win-win business cooperation. Find a partner who has a large customer base who may be interested in your product. The key to this approach is to win". Some people may have tried this method, but unfortunately failed. I would like to analyze why they fail. A lot of people are looking for cooperation with others, often focus on, I will be in this cooperation what benefits. I suggest that you focus on your partner, ask yourself this question: "what do they need? Can I take and what interests him?". You should take a little more time to get to know each other, to understand what the other person needs, and to put forward a chance to make a strong interest. I hope you can remember, give him what he wants, you can get what you want from him.

strategy two: release "viral" ebook

is the world’s most famous authority in this field is Tom Hua, Australian Chinese, my network marketing mentor. He did it:

first, he wrote a book about the content. Books may not many pages, the content is absolutely valuable. Then, in some places in the book, he put some content related links, which will bring the customer to his, to bring traffic to his site. Next, he sent these books free of charge, or allow others to download for free. Those who download these books have the right to send free.

then, he lets those who distribute his ebook can change

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