Shentong business platform line is closed or abandoned for two months

October 12th, billion state power network found that Shanghai e-commerce platform Tongqi love to buy super net ( has been unable to open ten consecutive days. According to informed sources, love to buy super net in September was Shentong closed, only survived for two months.

billion state power network to understand, love to buy super net officially launched on July 28th, as online life supermarket, belonging to the Zhejiang Shen Tong Agel Ecommerce Ltd.


loves to buy super net website has been unable to open the



love to buy online super online home page screenshot

Shen Tong said, love to buy super net initial investment was 50 million yuan, 70% owned by STO, but Shentong as investors, is not involved in specific operations, only responsible for online supermarket distribution, warehousing and other services.

billion state power network is linked to a day ago from love to buy super net turnover of employees, the employee said love to buy super net is now in the closing period of adjustment.

said the resignation of employees, love to buy super network of funds is not to Shen Tong, but to the former president of the personal investment Xi Chunyang. In mid August, Xi took over the daily express Chunyang, love to buy super net to Shentong operations, and Shentong executives have repeatedly said do not want to do online supermarket to seek transformation.

The website of

billion state power network in Zhejiang Province Administration of industry and commerce registration information query to Shentong Agel Ecommerce Ltd: the company set up time for March 12, 2012, the registered capital of 20 million, the legal representative Xi chunyang.


Shen Tong Agel Ecommerce Ltd registration information

, a Ningbo seller said, some time ago he had Xiangai buy super net consulting matters settled. After the submission of information, love to buy the network side of the butt has informed him that the site is undergoing strategic adjustment. The people said, love to buy super net in the future will be the same as large supermarket cooperation, temporarily no longer recruit ordinary suppliers.

billion state power network, love to buy super net website Baidu snapshot collected last time is September 21st, and Alexa traffic flow data query tool can query the nearly a month. Alexa display, love to buy super net website traffic on the line reached a small peak after half a month in July 28th and then fell into a trough, no longer.


nearly March traffic

loves to buy super net marketing director renchaoceng to billion state power network said, love to buy super net location and similar model shop No. 1, in food and cosmetic, department stores and.

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