Sina search on micro-blog’s acquisition of the social network of its founder.

A5 station network news: September 10th September 10, is Chinese traditional teachers’ day, however, the field of social search has changed today, in December 18, 2012 on the line so social search network today by Sina acquired micro-blog, the founding team over cash.

2013 search seems to be very calm, not long ago, Baidu acquisition of 91 radio astronomical, 360 is the proper way to provide technical support to the search, now Sina search on micro-blog’s acquisition of the social network, from the purchase and technical point of view, what you see


I do not know you have not found, many people say that the Internet business is difficult, more entrepreneurs want help or get some day in the future will be the platform for the acquisition to continue its better development, development, it can get better but remember a big brother said: if you want to be others value, must do their own first, only their products or brands are accepted by more people, will get better support. Such nets or will get good development.

acquisition is one of the very popular, now Sina search on micro-blog’s acquisition of the social network, or will make them get better development, at the same time, also hope that more Internet entrepreneurs and webmaster friends as soon as possible to the other side of success.

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