ComScore comments the highest popularity of the ten portals

Beijing time on November 7th, according to foreign media reports, the latest statistics show network research firm ComScore, in mid September 2009, related to the site owned by Microsoft to attract users to become the longest stay sites, accounting for about 15% of the global online time, which contributed 70% of MSN communication. Google, YAHOO second, the third.





addition, emerging social networking sites Facebook rising momentum is still strong, the user accumulated online up to 1 billion 400 million hours, compared with last year, an increase of 193%. According to statistics, in September more than 15 people over the age of the Internet users in the world, the cumulative online time of up to 27 billion hours per month online about hours.

with the development of the Internet, these data are constantly being refreshed. ComScore executives Jack Flanagan confirmed that this year’s overall statistics than last year, an increase of 20%. In the top ten sites, the domestic use of a wide range of Tencent Tencent occupy a position of fifth, Baidu ranked in the top ninth.



in accordance with the regional perspective, Microsoft has advantages in all continents, especially in Latin America, the Middle East region is more obvious; Google YAHOO is relatively focused on North America; Tencent Tencent only keep ahead in the Asia Pacific region.

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