The regional layout of Tencent’s big network and newspaper websites


newspaper website running for more than ten years, there is still no more mature profit model, most still rely on the money to earn money to feed the newspaper. The original survival is the regional advantage, now facing major commercial portals around the Qiangdian layout, newspaper website how to face the crisis, how to deal with


– Geng Xin

overall, Fujian regional portals are mainly divided into five categories: the first category is the Propaganda Department website, mainly by the newspaper host, such as the "Fujian daily" sponsored by the southeast network, "the Fuzhou daily" the Fuzhou news network, "the Xiamen daily" Xiamen net; the second category is the urban media sites, such as "Strait Metropolis Daily" the sea network, "southeast express" the East, "Fuzhou Evening News" the Dongjiekou online; the third category is the regional portal commercial websites such as Sina, Fujian, Xiamen, Phoenix Damin Tencent website; the fourth category is the vertical industry websites, such as houses, cars and other large sites penetrate into the place; fifth is the local forum, such as the Xiamen small net, to community news as the basis, the operation cost is low, the power is relatively strong. These five types of websites constitute the overall pattern of competition in Fujian. The influence of newspaper website is small, the scale is not big.

commercial site layout

Tencent "big" series website started in Chongqing and Shaanxi was founded in 2006, Tencent · Chongqing net (Tencent Chongqing channel) and Tencent (Tencent · net Shaanxi channel), located in the province / municipality city life portal two channel cluster, has launched 7 municipalities directly under the central government portal province /.

According to deputy editor Wang Juan introduced in these places have opened the website, operating more than three years in the local site has become the most famous, profitability of the best, one of the highest user stickiness of new media. Overall market revenue capacity has reached 100 million.

currently, Tencent regional portal has two modes, one is the normal proprietary business branches, such as the net, a net net is two and Damin Tencent and local advantages; media joint venture operations, such as Chongqing net, big Chu, Guangdong Net and Henan network.

network is the "big" Damin Tencent series of fifth sites, in August 18, 2010 landed in Fuzhou trial operation, officially launched in January 12, 2011. Damin network’s goal is to establish the city life, with life information rich to improve user stickiness, provide food, drink, play, music, entertainment, travel, shopping and other service information for users. At present, Damin reached 10 million hits every day, every user number is 1 million.

Damin network editor Zhang Dongsheng believes that other regional newspaper Web site portal website contrast, Damin network has more obvious advantages:

is a cost advantage by Tencent Damin wholy owned investment, using all Tencent Inc server, saving the site operating costs.

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