A small program showed the last hand not to a circle of friends to share how it affects users

07:04 this morning, WeChat released an open class, Hello, I am a small program, the content:






00:26 this morning, WeChat released an open class picture:


a little earlier, someone posted a screenshot on micro-blog:


the day finally came.

December 28, 2016, Zhang Xiaolong in Guangzhou WeChat open class scene told 800 million users and nearly 200 thousand developers, small programs will be formally launched in January 9, 2017. This means that the most sought after in the history of the Internet futures delivery.

some people believe that this will be a major change in the mobile internet. In the small program has not yet been opened before the real appearance, APP tremble, mobile phone operating system, and so the sound will continue to emerge. Based on the web+ language, a small program greatly reduces the threshold of development, so since the media enjoyed the WeChat public number after the bonus, the value of the programmer will regain bloom has become the mainstream view.

they have an instinctive belief in WeChat. WeChat gathered 800 million people, the world rarely have such applications, so it is very important to change every point." This is the daily excellent fresh co-founder Ceng Bin notes. Even submitted to the 4 small program demo has not been audited by Li Ming (WeChat developer community leader), it is still enthusiastic about it, or even agree with WeChat’s harsh attitude.

but some people choose to exit. Wang Dongfeng founder of the five kinds of technology is one of the 200 small programs inside enterprises, the first time he started research and development, to encourage more entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity. But in December 2016, he announced the development of a small program, the main reason is that it can not be shared into the circle of friends. There are some entrepreneurs bearish small program, because there is no traffic entrance and distribution channels.

is now a small program or underestimate the value of small programs are afraid to have a problem, Feng Dahui, founder of the science and technology code to remind you, in advance to a conclusion, just as simple as throwing coins."


FM small program has been approved; a Zandun promoting about 3000000 businesses early registration program account, so that the first time the rapid feedback; with 160 thousand users of the WeChat developer community every programmer to discuss technical issues about small program.

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