2009 play online games to make money

2009 is over half, 58 homes to talk about Wangzhuan playing online games make money. Now people can make out of the online game, the general purpose is to participate in the percentage of gold, such as gold to participate in the participation of players to attract. I feel that it is only selling online game account, then it is very difficult. However, his playing the network game for money and energy that is not making money, there is selling money not to spend their own money, so when you play the energy is no good


play the game to make money very tiring, actually make money online many projects, no play network game real money and we missed, playing online games to earn some money or no problem. Don’t ask how much money, who is to say that some people play online games every month can earn 3000-4000, some people can only earn a fee for electricity. Now the popular network projects do make money money, money, money, voting registration surfing money, money, money and other mail survey, Chinese foreign Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, (personal recommendation Wangzhuan abroad, the dollar and the RMB exchange rate go figure) eight door has wuhua.

now more money is World of Warcraft, playing their own (you can also find training) game currency GOLD sold to foreigners, and then make a English website in foreign publicity basically can pull. There is a play westward journey, journey to the west is to make the yuan, as long as you are not afraid of tired, run 2800W 20 hours or so, look at your level of proficiency, that is 100 yuan RMB Oh, sell, it is needless to say, all games can be sold, but in practice a number of flowers the money to buy a number of money spent more. 58task.cn so I suggest you buy a big number, then ran in the big money, the money to sell RMB anyway, sold 1000 yuan a month RMB is very easy. If you are skilled in one month to earn two thousand or three thousand is not a problem.

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