Mierkat training Shenzhen cross-border electricity providers, cross-border market is still blue ocea

it is reported that the recent cross-border electricity supplier business chain price listed three new board smoothly, has become one of the few to enter the capital market, one of the cross-border electricity supplier companies. This indicates that the price of the chain will usher in a period of rapid development, it can seize this opportunity, the future strategic layout and how is it? It can train of thought and methods are not the same due to the cross-border electricity supplier industry? The price of the chain of CEO Gan sentiment dialogue and mierkat cross-border depth, to share his thoughts the current situation and trend of the cross-border electricity supplier, and how he felt about the cross-border brand sellers do this thing, and also points out the two key points of building a cross-border ecological system, are full of good faith, dry cargo, we work together to enjoy the sweet general insight




price chain founder, CEO Gan sentiment

company profile

Shenzhen price chain Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, located in the cross-border electricity supplier ecological service providers, and to Chinese manufacturers, brands, small electricity providers and service providers to build up an open ecological platform, to create their own brand Chinese, obtain the key position in the future of the world trade. At present, the chain of good momentum of development, has been listed on the new board.

interview content

1, mierkat cross-border: what is the target price of the chain at


Gan sentiment: after the listing of our construction is more focused on cross-border ecological system, hoping to get some key links in the industry, with some logistics providers and service providers to provide payment, logistics, VAT, trademark registration and financial services to cross-border small sellers, provide a one-stop solution for everyone. Take some detours. Of course, the construction of this ecosystem requires us to uphold the concept of open and win-win cooperation, the only way the industry can go farther and more stable than before.

2, mierkat cross-border: this ecosystem what are the key points of


Gan sentiment: I think there are two key points, the first is the artificial intelligence, and foreign sellers than up, China business level is not very high, but the face of the overseas market, we still have a lot of cultural and language barriers, if we use the artificial intelligence, can use the details of data and get rid of a lot of cultural and language problems, it will become a kind of efficient and automatic mode. For example, in the late AMZTracker development plan, can through the software to collect a lot of shops, traffic conversion, evaluation data, through the accumulation of these data for the seller can set up artificial intelligence model of personalized, let a person can do that requires ten people to do things. This can help those who have no experience or lack of experience in the electricity supplier, and large cross-border electricity supplier sellers stand on the same level of operation.


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