Experience in promoting local industry website

now, many industries are aware of the Internet to affect their business or product brings, but the specifics of how to use the network to conduct product industry promotion, expand their markets, improve their level of sales, but only a smattering of.

There are industry website promotion,

first, you need a deep understanding of your own company, then you should be familiar with the operation process of network promotion, then according to the actual situation, to develop a network with its own characteristics of the industry promotion plan. To industry website, your first consideration is the user acceptance rate, you all content is around the user experience to the user do not accept all your information, all your optimization, all your promotion can not be effective.

in the process of optimization and upgrading of the site, you need to take care of the user experience, but also to consider whether or not to be included in the search engine optimization. Many industries are usually on the site keywords, so it requires the optimization of more things, of course, it is not necessary to conduct a comprehensive optimization of all target keywords, optimize your this time should be considered after the optimization, the website brings the conversion rate, it is a potential. The rate of consumption. Wait until you are sure to optimize the key word, is to these key words as the center, original or re creation of a process.

have actually re creation skills is also a mental activity. This is the usual optimization promotion, you also have to get publicity and other means of promotion by many departments of industry website, users know more about the industry website, website development to prompt attention. Of course, to achieve the same goal, but the means of diversification.

again, that is, the industry can also be achieved through the publication of the magazine to promote the purpose, of course, can be used to print paper magazines, electronic magazines can be placed on the site for customers to browse and download.

Such a combination of

and traditional network promotion, not only to enhance the awareness of the industry, but also to attract the attention of the search engines, to be included. That could potentially lead to large flows. Finally, reprint please indicate, QQ speed: http://s.qqfeiche321.com/.

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