2014 and recorded technology heavyweights some people have can’t sleep feel chained and thrown into

Beijing, January 5, 2014 (IT channel Wu Tao) although has gone, but the circle of science and technology of this year amidst the winds of change are still visible before the eyes. In this year, science and technology circle bigwigs have scenery, someone is dim; someone who love the cause of double chained and thrown into prison. They are not necessarily in the rivers and lakes, but rivers and lakes has been their legend.


Alibaba board chairman Ma

Ma Yun: proud, topped the Chinese richest man

September 19, 2014, Ma led Alibaba listed on the NYSE in the United States, the market value of the day to break through $200 billion. Subsequently, Ali launched green shoes program, raising the total amount of more than $25 billion, which became the world’s largest IPO. Ali listed by the impact of Ma wealth soared. According to Bloomberg data on the 12 day of this month, Ma’s total wealth reached $28 billion 600 million, in one fell swoop to become Asia’s richest man.


Baidu founder and CEO Robin Li

Robin Li – anxious, can not sleep at night

more opportunities is actually a burden. I worry too much opportunity, can not do it all, I have decided to give up the opportunity to give up, can not look at those things, focusing on what they really good and like." Robin Li in the 2014 Internet Conference on what truly reflects his 2014 state. He bluntly: now face the current situation of mobile search traffic over PC, the opportunity to sleep at night can not sleep more." In fact, Robin Li can not sleep because the reason is to quickly make up the mobile terminal short board, because Robin Li himself admitted that the first two years because of the mobile Internet is too late, many investors questioned the parties.


Liu Qiangdong, chairman of the board of directors of Jingdong group and CEO

Liu Qiangdong

double harvest, the cause of loveThe most lucrative than Jingdong CEO group

Liu Qiang East 2014 annual harvest, in May 22, 2014, the Jingdong login listed on the Nasdaq, jumped to $6 billion worth of Liu Qiangdong. In addition, before the listing of Jingdong also pulled Tencent shares, access to a valuable WeChat shopping portal.

in love, this year Liu Qiangdong has the same harvest, 2014, Liu Qiangdong with tea sister love constantly exposed by the media, according to media reports, two people appeared in public, sweet, provoke envy. But in January 3, 2015, tea sister emptied the micro-blog, Liu Qiangdong delete the most simple goodness of the days, a number of media, said two people broke up.


Shanda founder Chen

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