The introduction of the seemingly cruel but actually paving the way for the P2P


text / Wang Jiwei

P2P net loan from the beginning of 2014 to the foot tide in the end of the year, and finally in the e twentieth months of illegal fund-raising event to storm out of treasure ushered in a new era of. China Banking Regulatory Commission in December 29th issued the Interim Measures for the management of network lending information intermediary business activities (Draft) (hereinafter referred to as the measures), which means that P2P net loan will completely enter the regulatory era. The "measures" provisions will be "the implementation of negative list management system" of P2P, banned "self financing" 12 rules; reiterated the intermediary platform property of P2P, while the provisions of online lending information intermediary institutions shall carry out business in places outside the physical Internet, fixed telephone, mobile phone and other electronic channels".

twelve, a renewed ban plus a not completely ruined the business P2P net loan platform at least ten or more, more cost many P2P platform integration of online and offline. The "measures" to really ruthless all P2P platform to kill the "claws"? On the contrary, the provisions of this series is to the P2P net loan industry established a rule, this rule is to reduce the risk for the industry to encourage more innovation. In a word, the release of the way, will better promote the development of the industry, while P2 will usher in an era of integration.

P2P platform as an information intermediary is actually in order to reduce the risk of the industry

approach clearly pointed out that the P2P platform is an information intermediary, not illegal fund-raising, shall not set up a pool of funds, shall not be self financing. Internet lending information intermediaries to undertake an objective, real, comprehensive and timely disclosure of information, does not assume the risk of default loans. A lot of people may be worried about the P2P net loan industry, the P2P platform can not continue its original business? In fact, for the P2P net loan mainstream Internet financial means, the government will vigorously support and promote, but to ensure the healthy development of the security industry.

P2P platform as an information intermediary, but can reduce the risk of P2P net loan industry. Jiu Fu, founder and CEO Sun Lei said: "due to personal credit system of our country has not covered most of the population, from the borrower’s credit risk, the platform of its own operational risk, liquidity risk and so on P2P platform to bear its weight. As an information intermediary, the money of the user without platform, platform would not take excessive risks, which can effectively reduce the run, the problem of funding strand breaks, run away platform, platform appearance problems will naturally decrease, the investor’s funds will be more secure." Obviously, the regulatory authorities is to see through this point, will be in the way to re define the P2P platform, but in reality is to protect more P2P platform, of course, is to protect the safety of the user’s property.

ban P2P platform to engage in securities business is more to encourage industry innovation


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