Microsoft today to stop technical support for XP the impact of 200 million domestic users


April 8, 2014, Microsoft officially stopped on the XP system support hunting XP: who aimed at business opportunities behind


technology news April 8th morning news, Microsoft today will officially stop Windows XP operating system technical support, which means that after this date, any XP operating system vulnerabilities, Microsoft will not provide any system updates fix vulnerabilities. In this case, the consumer’s personal computer may face some security risks.

as the operating system for the success of Microsoft’s XP operating system are still far in the global market share of nearly 30%, while in China, the proportion of users use XP system is as high as 70%, a total of more than 200 million users.

in the XP operating system officially retired, when Sina Technology to answer questions, to explain to everyone Windows XP retirement aspects.

1, Q: starting today, my computer installed on the XP operating system can use it?

answer: can use. XP system does not mean that the operating system software will no longer continue to run, you can still use the computer, which does not hinder any of your operations, such as Internet, chat, entertainment, etc..

in accordance with Microsoft’s argument, from April 8th onwards, XP operating system vulnerabilities, Microsoft will no longer provide any system update patch vulnerabilities. In simple terms, that is, from April 8th onwards, if there is a loophole in the XP system, Microsoft will no longer have the responsibility to release patches to help you fix vulnerabilities. By then, your XP system can still run normally, but the system has some loopholes, no one to help you repair. In the past, are Microsoft initiative to push you patch".

2, Q: if there is a new vulnerability in the system, what will be the impact of


answer: system vulnerabilities, but if it can not be repaired in time, it may lead to some security risks, such as computer infected Trojans, computer viruses or hackers encounter invasion. Please note that there may be some security risks, does not mean that your computer will be infected with the virus, or by hackers.

3, Q: what can I do with the vulnerability,


answer: if you do not upgrade the operating system, the best way is to install some security software on the computer. Currently on the market there are a lot of free and charge security software, for some common vulnerabilities or viruses, these software can provide some protection.

if your computer is mainly used for personal entertainment, install some common free security software can; if the enterprise use security software to upgrade the operating system or the purchase of professional advice, support and security technology professional.

4, Q: if I insist on using the XP system,

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