Network to write hand travel on the edge of the formal occupation of the industry

– the Internet writer "should be respected or against

2008 China Internet the most popular five Keywords: Alibaba, grassroots, speculation, community marketing, Internet writer, interactive media. Among them, the "Internet writer" of concern, what is the recommended or not? This is a controversial problem in the network, but in reality, more and more people of concern.

"Internet writer" is drilled loopholes


"Internet writer", many people called the "gunmen", in the eyes of these people, "Internet writer" may not see the light. In recent years, the promotional products business practices have not to follow the previous PR planning packaging, more and more enterprises eyeing a new occupation "Internet writer"! Indeed, "Internet writer" in product promotion to protect special planning PR company has a great advantage: on the one hand pay, one hand, direct and convenient. And compared with the PR company, to find the "Internet writer" is much lower in cost, can achieve the effect of publicity and save money at the same time, choose the one that is self-evident. This also has greatly accelerated the growth of Internet writer team


most people think of "Internet writer" itself is a false character, which is the source of Internet writer one-sided view! They see only the "gunmen" expressed meaning naturally in their impression of "Internet writer" = "". This is very unfair for writers! For they say hold the view: "Internet writer is not only network drilled loopholes, more drill legal loopholes! Should arouse our criticism!" I strongly disagree with the.

I think the writers with their ability to eat, not because of who, it is also an industry, more worthy of our respect, also is more protected by law. In a sense, the writers is also a vulnerable group, there are frequent violations, in the writer perhaps, it should also have legal protection and support.

lawyer Zhou wish said, in the business of tort writers happened, should be legal evidence through solving contract problem.

"Internet writer" has become a new occupation

to join the network, as a new social media platform, provides an online home for the Internet writer who work. This to a certain extent only illustrates a problem: "Internet writer" has been accepted by more and more people. To join the network to provide a platform for more writers to find an online work home, convenient and quick.

the first Internet writer, often can not find a suitable foothold and encounter troubles, hand in hand, that it is our best choice, we in their own homes to play online. Ignore some tattle and prate believes that gold will shine. No matter how, Internet writer is accepted by more people, only proves that a >

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