The portal cup SEO contest Q feedback the station activities


portal Cup second SEO contest is Admin5 webmaster portal website ( joint advertising alliance ( and with large events jointly organized optimization.

in the five day starts to attract a lot of optimization and master the new Adsense to participate, in order to thank the friends of the contest’s support and love, stationmaster net is now open the

webmaster feedback!

as long as you are in the "Olympic Valley" optimization contest


as long as your site is now included in the!

as long as your site is now in search for "100 abstruse cereal", natural ranking is 11 to 20


you can immediately obtain from each stationmaster net sent 10 game coins reward! (as of April 14th)


and the rest of the participating stations do not worry, as long as your site in April 20th day in natural ranking first page 4 to 10, you can get 15 coins issued by the station network game


and natural ranking top three owners, as long as your site can continue to adhere to the April 30th day also feature in the top three, Adsense nets will give up 30 coins game bonus


this activity aims to express heartfelt thanks to stationmaster net love to all the webmaster, the echelon reward is to a great extent to fit the competition method, objective: to encourage novice to actively explore the website operation, help us make progress together.

reward method:

the station please add individual QQ in the competition at the bottom of the site after the contact webmaster nets this contest responsible person, responsible for checking relevant information after the issuance of coins


person in charge: Iron kite (478341)

SEO interest in the right to challenge the owners to explain the network ( all. Sponsorship activities and activities can be directly linked to the iron kite

access to the event page     enter the forum activity column

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