Webmaster nets daily broadcast Taobao force O2O buy site fell to 500

1 Sina micro-blog: increasingly bad user experience and learning will not be commercialized


micro-blog for four years, and now I do the same thing 4 years ago in this product on the need to pay more (psychological) price: 1, at any time to worry about the zombie fans will forward your comments at any time to worry about the micro-blog 2, micro-blog will appear under your small ads 3, your friend in a pile of garbage the information inside is very likely to see what you say 4, can not easily beat some commodity, otherwise it will give you recommend (see Sina micro-blog has recommended the casket of events).

I started

as a user of sina micro-blog is in accordance with the positioning of the road to go, I used it with social, my buddies share, but slowly my own home (personal home page) to a lot of strangers, they even don’t knock (strangers direct comments), in my house take my things (the original article is a variety of marketing, copy and paste), then I can’t say anything (reporting system to collect evidence for a complex), so, what can I do? Yes, it is moving. Immigration to WeChat (micro-blog activity declined, WeChat activity rose), I have become these small users choice.

2.2013 years in October, a well-known source system update tips

establish and maintain a key site, not only is the choice of a good system, but also to pay attention to the official system of dynamic, timely upgrades, bug fixes, reduce unnecessary losses! In October 2013, part of the system made important changes, A5 source Xiaobian summary in the hope of being reminded use the

webmaster friends!

3 Taobao force O2O: Amoy little push takeaway service

November 6th morning news, Alibaba’s Amoy little division for Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and other 19 cities launched a mobile phone called takeaway service. Amoy little is in June this year, Taobao launched the O2O mobile phone applications, Ali group CEO Lu Zhaoxi personally responsible for the trial operation stage.

inside Taobao, Amoy little is known as the group’s line of troops, and Ali to force the line under the intention is also very obvious. With the help of Alipay, to achieve closed loop transaction services to Amoy, so Alipay has also been seen as involved in the line of business opportunities.

on June when the line, Amoy little business oriented and user oriented ordering function. Users can visit the meal by Amoy little order payment. At present, the number of scouring the number of outlets in the takeaway has reached tens of thousands, including a variety of small catering businesses, fruit stores, brand cake shop, tea shop, etc.." Amoy little business operations department head Tang Yongbo introduction.

Tang Yongbo mentioned these businesses is a typical line of micro payment scenarios, and the next line of micro payment is Alipay to achieve this goal difficult to destroy the cash must be overcome.

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