Easy letter November 8th push traffic free plan covering all users

sina science and technology news on November 1st morning news easy letter announced today free flow plan, since November 8th, the national mobile phone users in the use of easy to believe the flow generated by the easy letter of the company pay.

According to

, on the basis of free text messages and free telephone messages, easy letter and the three operators have reached a cooperation agreement, the user will use easy to chat traffic generated by the easy letter to pay the company. The program will begin trial operation from November. During the trial operation, the user will no longer need to use easy to believe the traffic pressure. The specific details of the program will be officially released on the same day in November 8th.

, according to the JINGWAH Times reported that the letter is also an easy introduction of the payment system, the function or will be based on China Telecom’s wing payment for improvement and integration, and ultimately to achieve payment calls.

is a letter from NetEase (67.51, 0.81, 1.21%) and China Telecom jointly launched a mobile instant messaging applications. Two days ago, Yi letter has just announced its number of users exceeded 30 million. (Chen Hui)

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