Meow Street data exposure the year to promote payment amounting to 30 million

news July 7th, billion state power network has learned, two months ago, meow Street mobile O2O platform oriented mall launched a Alibaba, recently announced the sale of mew street during the new version of the line after the data and years to promote.

According to the

data show that during the 9 years celebration, Hangzhou shopping malls big promotion sales reached 400 million yuan, meow street users through its APP payment amount has reached 30 million yuan.

it is understood that the current street meow brand has 1360 settled, these brands of goods in the street sold goods meow about 8000, total sales volume is more than 7000. The coach and the new 100-lun brand in the year celebration even during joint promotion activities, sales amounted to about 500000 yuan.

in addition, according to Ali big data show that during the years celebration, meow street promotion information hit Hangzhou 8 million users, DT era, news by means of big data transfer, is more convenient.


It is reported that

is a "meow, street shopping artifact APP, based on the current user location, surrounding the mall brand stores and provide information to customers, and provide one-stop service to eat drink play by tesco.

According to the official

Street meow said publicly, since two months on the line, the APP in Hangzhou users reached 360 thousand, 50 thousand people on average daily use.

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