B2B site should solve the logistics problem for small and medium-sized enterprises

with the development of e-commerce in china. More and more B2B websites have been established to provide professional e-commerce services for smes. In the electronic commerce three flow of information flow, logistics, capital flow, but now the B2B website just solve the flow of information about the problem of small and medium-sized enterprise information asymmetry, there are a lot of other problems need to solve electronic commerce. In the early days of the establishment of a B2B site should be planned for these products and services should be so a B2B site should solve the logistics problems for SMEs!

1.B2B website for small and medium enterprises to provide complete logistics information

due to the uneven level of logistics industry in China, the gap between the level of logistics services is huge, at this stage in China has been called the logistics company more than and 70. But the logistics companies in the logistics service level is specific to a price; there is a small and medium enterprises because of its production of different products that need logistics service is not the same, so these enterprises need to get more details of their regional logistics enterprises. Such as providing corresponding regional logistics information network in China mining machinery to small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the problem of asymmetric information is also for those machinery enterprises, including the cost of logistics information, logistics market information, different logistics company service.

2.B2B website to have the ability to integrate logistics resources and supply

will be changed when the quantity of accumulated things by a certain time. Whether logistics resources or time supply together will occur integration effect, thus improving the logistics service of the logistics industry and reduce logistics costs, there is an obvious role in promoting and improving the logistics industry informationization. In the small and medium-sized enterprises of our country are concentrated areas, so a capacity B2B website to integrate resources! Mechanical products is a difference of great products, China mining machinery according to the regional production enterprise needs the different logistics service division, and then unified to contact them a suitable and efficient, low logistics the service, so you can make a win-win production enterprises and logistics enterprises.

3.B2B website can provide suitable logistics planning for small and medium enterprises

each production enterprise because of management, product and culture, the logistics planning is not the same. B2B site should be able to provide a different business for their logistics planning. Because of the current situation of China’s Logistics Limited, most of China’s small and medium-sized enterprises in the logistics of this one cost greatly, and its logistics management confusion is exacerbated this cost! So B2B website can be unified logistics personnel, to provide personalized service for the small and medium-sized enterprise logistics planning.

B2B website in China has become a trend of the rise, and most sites are followed by the B2B site leader in Alibaba run, it is difficult to innovate. China’s B2B website should provide information asymmetry in the service to a deeper level of development. Resolving information flow, objects

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