08 years Forbes top 25 nternet celebrity gossip blog ranking first

Beijing on January 31st news, "Forbes" magazine on Friday named the 25 Internet celebrity gossip blog in 2008, Perez Hilton ranked first, while the TechCrunch blogger Michael Arrington and Digg founder Kevin Ross were two or three.

1 Peres – (Perez Hilton)

age: 30

Occupation: Gossip blog

personal website: http://s.perezhilton.com/

Hilton is a controversial celebrity gossip blogger, many Hollywood stars are in awe of him "". Hilton’s real name is Mario – pull pull (Mario Lavandeira) memtech. He describes himself as a "fair Queen", and through humor, sharp reports quickly won a large number of supporters. He also often appeared on television programs, such as a guest host, etc..



2 Michael (Michael Arrington)

age: 38

career: technology blog

personal website: http://s.techcrunch.com/

as an important trend of investors and technology entrepreneurs want to understand the Internet when they turn in arlington. Arlington is currently the company lawyers, entrepreneurs and technology blog TechCrunch editor. TechCrunch reports a large number of Internet companies, products and services, the site’s report can be a business, you can destroy a business. Arlington because TechCrunch reports had received death threats, he recently participated in a meeting in Germany is also being spit slobber.


3 Kevin – (Kevin Rose)

age: 31

career: Digg founder, video blog

personal website: http://s.digg.com

Ross founded the social bookmarking site in 2004 Digg. In 2008, the site has 35 million users, as well as an independent access to the user in the U.S. market by 6 million 800 thousand. Ross is also the creator of the Internet technology channel Revision3, and his weekly video podcast Diggnation also attracted a lot of attention.


4 Frank – (Frank Warren)

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