COM domain name real name no real escape supervision 30 days after the cancellation of registration

Internet real name system is the first step in the implementation of the domain name real name system, and.COM management is not in the country, leading to this part of the domain name is difficult to achieve real name. The situation has recently undergone a subtle change. In accordance with the requirements of the relevant agencies, the.COM domain name of the domain name holders must be corrected within 30 days, otherwise it will be canceled. In the industry view,.COM has become a thorough investigation of the lack of supervision mechanism represent the general trend, but is likely to become a potential domain of market development.

false registration will be forced to log off

recently, a number of domestic web site owners reflect, they have recently received a letter from the WHOISREMINDER, the request to modify the domain name registration information is not real.COM, otherwise the domain name will be canceled. In accordance with the provisions of the internet name and Number Distribution Agency (ICANN), the registrant must maintain the correct domain name information.

coincidentally, in April 19th, the world’s largest Internet infrastructure service provider VeriSign (VeriSign) Company in Beijing held in 2010 China VeriSign registered business conference". One of the follow-up arrangements after the end of the meeting, which is the domain name holder of domain name information to send the review arrangements for the Registrar to name registered mail, the false registration information domain prompt, if insist not to renew the domain name information, domain information may be canceled.

The reporter then call

domestic domain name registration agency "business China", the customer service staff said, April has started to review under the name of the.COM domain, such as the discovery of the domain name registration information is untrue, and repeatedly notify the correction information after the failure of the cancellation of its domain name. The reporter also learned that, at present only to inform the user, VeriSign does not synchronize the introduction of supervision and inspection and the corresponding penalties, domain name service market has no obvious action.

news, because the provisions of relevant agreements with ICANN, VeriSign will require annual registered business name data review, just review the authenticity of China many registered agents in the domain name registration information is not put in the mind, or individual agents no so much energy to audit, resulting in part of the domain name the information is not true, but some webmaster have many concerns on the safety of their own privacy.

lack of supervision mechanism as flawed

data show that as of the end of 2009, the domestic market.Com domain name has more than 3 million, nearly 3 million 364 thousand, the world has reached up to 96 million 700 thousand. It is worth noting that the data from webhosting also showed that over the past month registered in Chinese million net domain name.Com has nearly 60 thousand registered domain names in the business, global growth ranked third, is the second domain registrar month growth of 4 times.

although the market continues to expand, but the domain name registration information has not been fundamentally changed. Earlier media reports that nearly 90% of the jurisprudence sites, phishing sites are so that the

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