Absolutely unexpected! Sea Amoy tax new regulations affect so much

reporter / Chen Mengfan

from today (April 8th), cross-border import electricity supplier tax new regulations implemented. This reporter interviewed the Henan province public goods bonded Center Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Henan bonded group) President Xu Ping. Henan bonded group of bonded logistics center in Henan, the main operating units, the construction unit of Zhengzhou cross-border trade e-commerce service pilot project of the national pilot project for the state-owned holding 51%, mixed enterprises holding 49% of Hong kong. The group’s official website, the proposed cross-border electricity supplier bonded bonded mode has become the model of the General Administration of Customs to promote the country’s 1210 model. Xu Ping is known as one of the founders of the cross-border import electricity supplier bonded mode.


absolutely did not expect the impact of the sea Amoy new tax regulations so much

said the Henan bonded group president Xu Ping told reporters, "positive list based on the research, the basic coverage of all kinds, no problem, the problem lies in the implementation of the new tax reform."

Xu Ping believes that the implementation of the new deal tax clearance on the bonded area, the operability is almost zero. Customs clearance tax equivalent to the "customs clearance front", before the goods entering the bonded area does not require customs clearance, customs clearance convenience now in front of the bonded area special supervision areas such will disappear into the warehouse the goods after separation, sorting, part will enter into China territory, another part will transfer go out, now is not originally need to transfer goods customs clearance also need the customs clearance. This is completely contrary to the original intention of the establishment of special regulatory areas.

on the other hand, the traditional general trade is the manufacturer or manufacturers authorized suppliers, while cross-border e-commerce is essentially equivalent to the "market", which determines the cross-border e-commerce because of the complexity and uncertainty of the purchase quantity, objects are uncertain. This new mechanism, the new supply chain form and the preparation of customs clearance.

Zhengzhou bonded warehouse 70% of the goods have been affected, which is more than we expected." Xu Ping said. The introduction of the new regulations did not give enough transition period, the Zhengzhou Free Trade Zone, the majority of businesses are in the night to digest inventory inventory or think of ways to transfer the goods out.

Xu Ping believes that the authority of the new

and landing are questionable: first, contrary to the introduction of new regulations and laws, then do not consider supporting policies and regulatory process, again the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of taxation is not in-depth investigation, also failed to present the pilot bonded practical experience and research results based on the convenience of the failed to promote trade, but also to pilot the results early brought huge risk.

"cross border e-commerce has the advantages of reshaping the supply chain and breaking the international pricing mechanism. Overall, the state ministries and commissions to support the development of cross-border e-commerce, but there is a deviation in communication and understanding." Xu Ping >

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