Tencent network media business group adjustment Tencent micro-blog or has been revoked

Phoenix Francisco July 23rd message, according to the reporter station to the Tencent insiders understand that Tencent, micro-blog division architecture has been revoked, the Tencent micro-blog no longer do the new features, just to maintain basic operations, the specific personnel arrangement is not known.

Tencent announced yesterday, saying the online media business group (OMG) initiative to change, Tencent.com Tencent and micro-blog will make a new exploration in the news and social integration, the Tencent micro-blog product operations team will integrate with the Tencent news team. This is also confirmed from the side of the above statement.

financial media Luo Changping said: "I heard that the Tencent micro-blog Department revoked, and incorporated into the micro site staff. The penguins are moving to the end of the layout, and even micro-blog has become a traditional media."

April 1, 2010, Tencent micro-blog began small-scale closed beta, in May 1st of the same year, the Tencent began to open invitation to registered users in February 2011, Tencent announced that micro-blog registered users exceeded one hundred million, the same year in October, the Tencent of micro-blog’s open authentication officially launched in March 31, 2012, the Department of information management; National Internet criticized for focusing on Sina micro-blog and Tencent micro-blog two rumor sites in November 19, 2013, there is news that Tencent; micro-blog internal adjustment has begun, some employees will be transferred to the other team.

Tencent micro-blog, once the Tencent internal high hopes, is positioned as an important social media platforms in recent years, the Tencent will, micro-blog called "is an important business, but to make in WeChat." Over the past three years, though never catch up with competitors, but this niche product is finally approaching the end of the mission.

analysts believe that the outside is far behind Sina micro-blog Tencent, is also facing strong internal competition in many products, strategic failure has become inevitable, the reorientation is a failure signal.

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