Alipay campus diary to apologize walking circle immediately suspected of dissolution

Alipay campus diary "event continues fermentation, its parent company executives have ants gold dress sit. The afternoon of November 29th, according to the recent Alipay "campus diary" circle of controversy in the United States ant gold dress chairman Peng Lei today issued a letter to respond to internal.

Peng Lei convened 22 ant management team members reflect, and posted in the network: wrong is wrong. And said that any self deceiving self deception is self defeating. Peng Lei also thanked the outside criticism and suggestions in the letter.

at the same time, Peng Lei in response to the requirements of Alipay network team must strive to improve themselves, and stressed:

1, all walking circle disbanded immediately suspected.

2, released a picture of the user malicious broken and can not be registered permanent permanent title.

3, team discussion and consolidation. Think clearly and write down what we want and what not, strictly enforce.

4, please continue to lash.

Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba

also followed in the network voice: Alibaba precious is the courage to correct mistakes. Alipay, continue to work hard. Ali, learning reflection and self-examination."

in fact, Alipay has started to do some rectification. This morning, 750 points is not enough sesame users can also comment on the "campus diary" circles, but it is not clear that Alipay lowered the threshold, or will completely open threshold. Alipay officially announced the latest set of campus diary "of the circle, the comment and reward rules have changed.

Alipay officially announced the latest set of campus diary "of the circle, the comment and reward rules have changed. The content, simply seeking praise, for reward, for Canada, vulgar picture, edge ball, pirates, advertising, personal attacks, irrigation, scraper and other messages will be deleted directly.

the following is the full text of the letter Peng Lei:

wrong is wrong

the past two days, I went to Alipay for seven years, the most difficult time.

we’ve been through a lot of difficult times, but there’s never been anything like this.

I love to all love Alipay, Ali, Ali always believe and practice the values of colleagues apologize! Trust and apologize to all users, partners with Alipay


heart is good, no matter what, campus diary event hurt everyone’s feelings, but also make love and have always been convinced that Ali culture colleagues suspected. What we want to transmit signals to the hundreds of millions of users?! what we want?! where will we go?! activity in front of the user can not use unscrupulous divisive tactics integrity?


yes, we have a lot of reasons. < < > > > > > > one hundred million

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