Winter is coming, the second half of what the technology companies in the conference

layoffs is the most effective way to reduce costs

stock market downturn, the global stock market suffered a black Monday, a new round of financial turmoil may be coming. Originally the rich and powerful technology companies, this year also began intensive layoffs.

some companies are not optimistic about the future revenue growth, advance savings to spend the winter; some companies because of losses is too serious, there is no money to pay; and the company is not bad money, but because the interior modulation, had to lay off a large number of employees.

let’s start with the 10000 people who want to cut off samsung.

Samsung: China market and local market growth dilemma

September 2015

downsizing: 10% of Seoul headquarters, close to ten thousand people, mainly from the financial, human resources, public relations department.

is the easiest way to control spending and lay off workers…… Samsung is preparing to save money, since it can not see rapid profit growth." Securities and investment bank Nomura Holding analyst Chung Chang Won so summary.

Samsung this year, is still very difficult. Since April, the market value of Samsung Electronics has fallen nearly $44 billion, the stock price also fell for the 5 consecutive month, only in August the market value of Samsung’s $12 billion reduction.

4 months to August Samsung stock price trend

revenue in the last year is 206 trillion and 200 billion won (about $171 billion) in the case, Samsung’s revenue forecast this year to 200 trillion and 200 billion.

Samsung subvert the fate, from the beginning of 2013, and not in the low-end Chinese manufacturers of low-cost high policy competition, high-end series cannot design, with Apple’s software and brand to be differentiated.

2014, the situation worsened. Samsung has streamlined the product line, in March this year released Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge two flagship models, and last month released the Note 5 and S6 Edge+. However, it is difficult to detect the difference between these new products, in addition to the Edge series is a curved screen, the screen size of the four models, almost the same configuration.

did not impress consumers Samsung, second quarter shipments fell by more than 3%, and lost in the Chinese market share of the position of the second, fell to the millet, HUAWEI, apple behind.

in Korea, launched a large screen mobile phone Apple share in South Korea also rose to 33%, this is the first foreign brand in South Korea more than 20% market share, while Samsung’s share in the domestic market has fallen from 60% to 46%. < >

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