The road barrage barrage site and to decide on what path to follow, barrage culture

note: with the barrage site by the capital market, forms a barrage of this sub culture gradually into the public view, this paper explores the cultural foundation of the origin and popular barrage on the author, where vibration, please stamp the original link. What is a sub culture, Bao Daoyi has issued "guidelines" in the first sub culture of the tiger sniffing, may move to learning. Extended reading:

video barrage site Acfun reoccurrence predicament domain registration information deleted video barrage site Acfun to restore access to the domain name was a barrage of video website hold 90 can become a hot climate? Barrage website: you are not a person to see the video

in the beginning of the article before the declaration of a point, this article is not specific to specific sites, this article discusses a kind of atmosphere and culture.

, "there are two ways to make the spirit of culture wither, one is Orwell – the culture into a prison, and the other is the Huxley – the culture becomes a farce"

is so tall on the text is not from my pen the laity, this sentence is recently read a book "preface" entertainment to death. This book reflects or criticized the modern industrial society under the modern media communication system, the benefit is very deep recommend that you have time to read. As for why to quote this sentence to do the beginning, but also please read slowly.

recently in Japan the two dimension is Chinese, but is in smooth water, the two dimensional world upside down, again the ring true chaos of the drama, the circle of chaos and finally from the COS ring to the ring barrage. Declare a domestic barrage site between what is right and what is wrong is not discussed in this paper, we put down the website between prejudice, to see Chinese barrage site generated China barrage culture.

projectile (Dan) screen (tan) screen?

any form of culture has its own carrier, like newspapers and television, and for the barrage culture in terms of its nature is the carrier of the barrage site. The barrage site is exotic, this is between Web 2 and web 3 times the video website originated in japan. The ancestor of the barrage site is Japan’s NicoNico, which is called "barrage" is because of the large number of comments on the NicoNico in the audience to watch the video will appear in a real-time video screen, from right to left over, and those with comments on the video screen will be automatically saved when you go through the website. After a period of time and then open can still see these comments. Because this form is like a barrage of video comments appeared when the flight shooting game, thus adding a barrage of Internet products and new meanings in the original game and military significance. (defined here refer to the barrage barrage site ancestor Nico animation encyclopedia definition). The barrage site around 2008 was introduced to China, later evolved into AcFun and BiliBili two big barrage site.

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