Debt risk of online dating users are likely to be fooled by the real huge cost

recently, Li Bing has been in trouble.

Li Bing, 28 year old girl in southern Beijing, a white-collar company. Last October, the single Li Bing met fellow glory through dating sites jiayuan. Li Bing is in line with the condition of glory. A fellow; two is in good shape, the monthly income of 10000~20000 yuan, purchase.

and Li Bing began to face contact, communication. His performance is satisfied: let Li Bing meet for the first time will show their identity cards, to show sincerity. He almost every day to give me a call, usually very considerate people, such as to carry my bag, etc., the details are done very well".

Li Bing started on the glow of love. One day, "he told me, wallet lost, urgent need ten thousand dollars. I agreed to lend him, he was very considerate, said I was not easy to make money, it is necessary to 7000 yuan." In March 2011, Rong also borrowed 11000 yuan from Li Bing.

According to Li Bing

, the two time to borrow money, glory began to show indifference. In May 2011, two people after a quarrel, face on the Internet to make "blacklisted"


"to recover money before not not to respond, Li Bing began to suspect. At the beginning of September, Li Bing sent in the civil affairs department to query, in March this year has been married before. Li Bing also found that his registered 4 account in the century, and in the marriage. Li Bing complaints to the site 3 accounts were closed before.

for nearly 20 thousand yuan of loans, Li Bing said, he had to report to the police station, but because of his real name is used with their contacts, both sides just debt, no evidence of fraud, police can not file.

most disputes can not be filed

Li Bing is a "Jiayuan collective action" in a QQ group.

founded from March 2010 to now, Jiayuan collective action packed group. September 15th, due to the sixth groups are full, but also one after another to join, founder Zhao Lei has created a group of seventh.

now, the seven groups have gathered nearly a thousand people, are in love and marriage cheated people". Zhao Lei told the "China Economic Weekly", "about 60% to 70% from, 20% from other dating sites, the rest is through QQ, MSN and other tools have friends."

"hit the horse Fubon fund fraud" group is more special. Chen Ling told him "China Economic Weekly", 75 "cheated" group reflect the fraudster mostly disguised as Hong Kong and Macao or expatriates, dating to the staff of investment companies, institutions such as the identity of the horse, to return to the development of the name of the other party to the vision, plus the return of investment. The temptation to persuade the other side to pay, to cheat money. The crowd is deceived, many men left 3S lady, a part is older and have.

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