Open clothing store learn collocation skills

said we open a clothing store, there are a lot of the knowledge from the shop before the location, select the brand to the late operation including price and promotion are the important factors influencing the operating efficiency of clothing stores. For a clothing store operators, do their own clothing collocation, very easy to arouse customers desire to buy, then as a clothing how to pull together to reflect a suitable own style on


clothing join skills include three aspects:

clothing to join the first unified texture, do not think that a all-match is fashionable, remember that innovation is always arbitrary without transgressing, otherwise it will not be seen as being offbeat. In the choice of clothing, you need to pay attention to your own body stand in front of the body mirror, a model as a reference in the selection of different types of clothing such as knitted sweater, jeans etc. is texture uniform, pure linen coat with lacquer leather is not uniform.

clothing to join and form unified tone: clothing four colors include: blue black tone, including cold tone, brown (warm), colorful color (sportswear use), pale lines (spring and summer use). The clothing color is generally not more than three colors, otherwise it will become loud and vulgar. People who have no confidence and confidence in clothes can choose black and middle tones. What kind of clothes will meet what kind of forms, more or less clothes not too long, not too short long clothes. The final effect of all clothing on the body, is the outline of a person. Chinese men appear most often in the form of error is the jacket bag bag trousers buttocks and belly. The trousers are hung on the hips, and is not wrapped in the stomach.

In addition to join

clothing dress requirements of different types are not the same; obese people should not wear light colored, wide, wear suit with hidden stripe fabric and the lattice, the best wear monochromatic and darker and darker clothes, men should not wear light colored clothing, skin color than white type people wear clothes more selective free collocation but remember not too much color, thin body men should not wear dark clothes, it is best to wear light color or with a plaid dress.

opened a clothing store, it seems that there is no technical content, everyone will do, in fact, which involves a lot of knowledge. Clothing to join the skills of clothing is a big school, the operator to understand some of the knowledge in order to enhance their image to get a good impression. The introduction of several aspects of the clothing store clothing matching skills, hoping to provide some reference and help for the operator.

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