Print copy of the profit space how much size to secret

printing copy shop in life is also a relatively common shop, but few people will pay attention to this industry. Print copy shop profit space has how old? Let’s take a look. Let more businesses understand the details of this rich good industry, you must read this article!

now how to print and copy the cost. The machine uses HP  2612A cartridges, the original 400 yuan, it is not necessary, I still choose Print-Rite HP2612A cartridge, as long as 120 yuan, printing effect can be comparable with the original. This cartridge can print 2000 pages or so, and generally can add three powder, and find the master door with a short about 70 yuan (although their powder filling is cheaper, but the operation is too cumbersome, so the machine is lost), plus powder three times to count the words in a toner print or copy a piece to 4 cents to 5 cents. But if using the original cartridge, will go to 7 cents a piece. Do not look down on these 3 cents, which is the source of the print shop to make money!

print copy shop profit space? Many businesses also pay no attention to the rich prospects of the industry, in fact, the investment in this industry, as long as the choice of the correct location, have some basic equipment, can be successful in the market easily profit, very easy.


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